Le Grand Village R.S.E : Responsible Workshops & Activities Group activity


Revolutionise the "Team Building" / "Company Outing" format on Réunion Island!

Much more than just a Team Building event, we're offering you a real "village" of activities for your next corporate event on Reunion Island!

A whole day (or half a day, or even 2 days) on the theme of CSR. Take part in a range of workshops and activities focusing on the environment, well-being, creativity, sharing and raising awareness!

There's also a great ecological treasure hunt!

Experience Réunion's 1st CSR fair! Made up directly from your colleagues' choices!

We'll be creating 2 areas:

- A CSR "village ": with several workshops to go through.

- An activity area: with several activities/entertainments to take part in, in groups, at predefined times

At the venue of your choice on Réunion Island. If you don't have a venue, we can offer you several gardens throughout the island. With packages that include meals for the day.

From a minimum of 50 people! Up to more than 1000 people.

Workshops + 1 ecological tre asure hunt:

- The Biodiversity Fresco : creation of a creative fresco on biodiversity issues.

Bicycle blinder workshop: burn calories to make a fruit juice or smoothie

- DIY and zero waste household products workshop

- Low-tech workshop: learn how to cook with a solar oven

- Réparali-café workshop: stop throwing things away, learn how to repair them.

- Moringa discovery and initiation workshop: the incredible virtues of this Pei plant

- Introduction to essential oils and their benefits

- Polyfermentation workshops: make your own kombucha or kefir

- Workshop to create earrings or bag jewellery from old vinyl records

- Landart workshop: work as a team to create a unique, ephemeral work of art in the great outdoors

- Introduction to Free & Intuitive Dance workshop: an invitation to let go of the mind, to let the movements come without thinking

- Emotion management workshop: an introduction to EFT, an emotional release technique

- Circle song workshop: learn to play music together and experience a collective vocal and physical improvisation.

- Laughter yoga workshop: experience the joy of laughing for no reason

Treasure hunt: on the theme of ecology

10 stages in the treasure hunt. 10 points to be collected via a digital app.

1 person will help you get started.

Theme: Local. Around Réunion Island.

Type of questions: General. For all levels.

1 winning prize for the overall winner (CSR goodies)

Organisation(example over half a day for a group of 150 people. For fewer people, we will halve the number of workshops):

10 workshops divided into 2 areas (+ the ecology treasure hunt).

There will be 3 50-minute sessions over the morning. Coloured signs will indicate the location of each workshop. On arrival, each participant will receive a small 'Map' with the programme for the morning.

So they'll know where to go and at what time. Depending on the number of participants, we will set up 3 'groups' (with sub-groups afterwards)

The leaders will use their sound system with microphone to set the pace for the morning.

For each rotation, there will be 10 participants in 10 workshops (i.e. 100 workshop participants) + 50 participants in free play or treasure hunt mode.

A typical morning:

9h-9h15: Welcome of participants

9.15am-10.05am: 1st workshop (or treasure hunt)

10.05am-10.55am: 2nd workshop (or treasure hunt)

10.55am-11.45am: 3rd workshop (or treasure hunt)

11h45-12h: Announcement of the winner drawn at random from among those who have completed the treasure hunt and presentation of a winning prize

So take the plunge, dare the adventure of solidarity and propose a day that makes sense!

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