Murder Circus - The giant investigation of the Fairground Arts Group activity


A team building / detective game / Murder Party in Belle Époque Paris on the theme of "Fairground Arts". Enter the world of the circus and solve riddles as a team!

Atmosphere: a police investigation combining the supernatural, deceptive appearances and the Belle Époque on the theme of fairground arts.

Game format: Around ten riddles/workshops divided into routes. Characters to question. Teams are connected to a platform to discover the context, the puzzles and record their progress.

SYNOPSIS: During the Belle Époque, the Silencio circus enjoyed great success on the roads of France and Navarre. Its attractions, its artists' acts and the monsters and wild animals it unveiled all contributed to its success. Until a strange tragedy struck... One evening in February 1906, Kazoo the clown discovered the lifeless body of Melmoth the conjurer on the circus ring. The police investigated the case and questioned witnesses. Melmoth's death even made the headlines. Despite this, the investigation came up against the mysteries and pretence of the circus, and no culprit was identified. The mystery still remains as to what really happened between the circus tents. Until YOU investigate a century later. You, the members of BEEP, an agency for the study of paranormal phenomena. supported by powerful mediums, you intend to lift the veil on this case that has all the makings of a novel. Paranormal, deception, heinous crime? It's up to you to get to the bottom of the Silencio circus crime...

How does the investigation work?

The investigation aims to answer the questions: Who? Where? When? When? Why?

▸ The riddles help to answer these questions

▸ When the teams answer a riddle correctly, they get a clue to the story (the presumed murderer, the place where the victim was murdered, an indication of the motive, etc.)

▸ This information will enable them to exchange ideas and theories during the game.

▸ Certainties may be shaken as the game progresses.

▸ Conclusions will be drawn in the final report.


Players are part of an organisation investigating paranormal phenomena and take an interest in an unsolved case that plunges them into the world of a strange Belle Époque circus company.

▸ Assisted by mediums (actors) capable of summoning the spirits of the troupe, the teams come face to face with the artists' memories, which materialise in the form of enigmas.

▸ By solving the riddles, the players will gradually discover the ins and outs of the story, conducting a real investigation.

▸ Little by little, they will uncover the identity of the murderer, his motive, his method of operation and the scene of the crime.

▸ At the end of the game, they will complete a report on the case using the information they find in the game and their powers of deduction.

▸ The investigation is conducted via a platform that can be consulted on a tablet or smartphone

▸ The puzzles will call on the participants' sense of observation, deduction and team spirit, and will play on illusion and mystery. Some of them will involve props to allow manipulation. Others will require separating to act jointly and cooperate.

▸ Throughout the game, the teams will be awarded points (based on the correct answers, the time taken to solve the puzzle and whether or not clues are used) - and the 3 or 5 winning teams will be announced at a podium at the end of the game!

Venue: We can offer you a wide range of venues for this activity. Imagine immersing yourself in this world at the Musée des Arts Forains, for example! It'll bring the whole experience full circle!

Capacity: From 40 people to 400 people

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