Nomadic Escape Game, handcuffed to your colleagues Group activity


Chained together in teams of 3 to 5 people, solve our enigmas to free yourself in 1 hour flat!

Immerse yourself in one of our scenarios: Le Clan des Louis Rouges or Une Folle Soirée au Quartier Rouge.

For a totally unusual Team Building in Paris or elsewhere (our animators travel everywhere).

Le Clan des Louis Rouges : In the Paris of the 30's, you are the members of the Clan des Louis Rouges and you have been arrested, because you have carried out the heist of the century!

During a transfer between two prisons, your accomplice helps you escape. Will you be able to free yourself to get your share of the loot...?

Capacity: Up to 75 people.

Language: English or French.

Duration: 1 hour of play + 30 minutes (briefing - debriefing - photos)

Crazy Night in the Red Light district : Yesterday, you were at a party. You just woke up in another city... Handcuffed to each other!

One of your colleagues is missing. But what happened? Can you find out what you did during this eventful evening, find your friend and above all avoid any problems?

Good mood guaranteed around an aperitif or a board to share in a partner bar. Or in your premises for companies or at home for your group events (birthdays, stag and hen parties...)

Capacity: Up to 30 people.

Language: French.

Duration: 1 hour of play + 30 minutes (briefing - debriefing - photos)

More than a leisure activity, it is a real life-size cohesion game that your employees will attend.

Up to 75 people!

Up to 105 people if we combine the 2 scenarios.



Extend the game with our MYSTERY TEAM option!

The objective is to put the participants in the best conditions to communicate and to free themselves in time.

Before the event, each participant receives a short questionnaire to fill in and send back to us.

On the day, 30 minutes before the start of the game, each participant receives an envelope with the answers of one of his teammates.

They will then have to discuss with the other participants to put their team back together and get to know it better in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


For more immersion, ask for the customisation of certain elements of the game!

We can personalise the pitch, the character sheets or the card games with the participants' photos and other elements of the game.

Request a quote, subject to technical and time feasibility.

Compatible with the 3 compact mobile scenarios.

Why choose a mobile Escape Game?

To offer an unusual moment of cohesion during your seminars or corporate team building.

The creators are two sisters who, in 2015, decided to develop a concept of mobile Escape Games, seduced by the collaborative power of this type of game. Having grown up in a family where everything was settled over a good game of Pictonary or Tarot, it was important for them to highlight the relational aspect of the game in their project.

Calling on this team means working with a company that is passionate about games in general, that listens to your needs, and that specialises in professional events. It means living unique, unusual and immersive experiences, thanks to mobile or digital Escape Games adapted to each situation.


Special attention to storytelling. Compact bonus scenarios: they require players to be linked together.

Small personalized touches with your company's logo (a gift per player, team signs).

Photos taken on the day of the event and made available to you the day after.

Individualised support and great adaptability to fit in with your organisation and set up in record time.

Another possible Escape Game, but a dramatised version

The team has invented a scenario with scenery! A theatrical Escape Game with a real theatrical set.

You can find it here: Link

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