Online Escape Game : Orchestrate the heist of the century Group activity


Organise your Pressure Heist for a spectacular online Escape Game!

With this Pressure Heist, your team will be transported into a high-risk adventure where no mistakes will be allowed.

This Heist 2.0 lasts 1 hour for groups of 2 to 6 players. Up to 24 players.

This is a fully immersive experience that puts participants in the middle of a heist where they are not just spectators. They will have to guide an on-site henchman, defeat the security systems and ensure the success of the robbery, all in less than 1 hour and without being spotted by the police.

The experience consists of pre-recorded videos, escape game mechanisms. And the live participation of an actor who will interact with the players and act according to your decisions.

Online team building via videoconference using Zoom or Teams platforms.


The professor, known as the greatest brain of all time, is retiring. He has decided to step down and is looking for a team to take his place in organising global heists.

You have been contacted by the professor to test your skills in a high-pressure mission. You'll have to take his place during a heist and be in charge of a high-pressure robbery with a henchman, Harlequin, in the bank. He will rely on your help to rob the bank, but more importantly to escape undetected.

The Hangar Banking Group is known to have rich and famous clients and the loot may well be as good as the mission.

Possible everywhere in France and in the DOM-TOM!

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