Rally, Aircraft, Helicopter Simulator - Training Centre Group activity


Drive a rally car! Fly a plane! Or take the controls of a helicopter!

Come and experience sensations as close to the real thing as possible in the flight and driving simulation centre!

For lovers of wheels and speed, the Rally simulator invites you to take to the track with your co-pilot.

If you are more interested in the great outdoors, the Cessna or Helicopter simulator will allow you to fly over the flamboyant landscapes and coastline of Reunion Island... as if you were there!

Our Group Package, up to 8 people, gives you access to :

20 min of rally simulator as a pilot + 20 min as a co-pilot

+ 20 min of Cessna simulator as a pilot + 20 min as a co-pilot

+ 20 min of helicopter simulator as pilot + 20 min as co-pilot

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149 chemin département 11, 97424 Piton Saint-Leu

Our partner

Easy Run Simulation

Centre d'entraînement et de divertissement sur simulateur Rally, avion ou Hélicoptère.

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