Relaxation and Sound Massage with Didgeridoo Group activity


What if you discovered a "Sound Massage"?

The didgeridoo, an instrument to be experienced, listened to and felt.

The didgeridoo, a multi-millennial instrument with modern sounds, is mainly used in Aboriginal rituals in Australia. It is naturally hollowed out by termites in a eucalyptus branch.

1. In a lying position, people will be guided to deep relaxation with conscious breathing exercises and body movements.

2. At the end of this relaxation, they are ready for the sound of the didgeridoo. I move the instrument 10 cm away from the body, circling each person so that they can feel the vibrations as a sound massage.

The vibrations of the didgeridoo resonate directly with the frequencies of the cells and bring a deep sense of well-being.

Thanks to the sounds and vibrations, each person will be able to feel and go through an inner journey in resonance with their emotions.

Can be performed anywhere on the island. In the premises of your company.

Up to 12 people.

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