Scavenger hunt on recumbent bikes and electric scooters Group activity


A treasure hunt in Saint-Paul (or elsewhere) in 2 parts: each team alternates 1 hour on a search for riddles on recumbent bicycles and then 1 hour on electric scooters.

As a team, be the most strategic! Find the elements of the rebus and decipher the treasure.

The aim is to find the place where the final object containing the prize is hidden! This will be done thanks to the rebus and clues to find the enigmas.

Each team will go for 1 hour to collect points on a recumbent bike. While the other team will go and do the same on scooters. Then the 2 teams alternate.

Synopsis: Once upon a time, there was a lost treasure in Reunion Island. To help you find it, you will have to take it in turns to move around on a recumbent bike and on electric scooters.

Recumbent bike" part: Comfortably installed, you will drive your trike to find a lost puzzle... This is an important element for the rest of the adventure. But the treasure hunt will only be solved once you have been able to solve the riddle to follow, the clues of which are to be found on a course dedicated to scooters...


The aim of the event is to complete the course without fail and to collect the clues along the way. To win: snacks at the end of the activity.

- Setting up the teams - Facilitators

- Taste of local products: juice and cakes (or breakfast depending on the format of your day)

- 9 bicycles, helmets, pennants, supervision and mechanic cycles

- 9 electric scooters, safety equipment, technical assistant on site

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