Stress management workshop - Sophrology Group activity


At a location of your choice.

Intended for all employees of a company, this workshop allows to understand all the reactions of our body under the effect of stress and to discover how to face it. With a view to better managing these events, participants discover the positive effects of sophrology by alternating individual assessments, theory and practice of several adapted exercises, accessible to all.

At the end of the workshop, several tips are given to improve the quality of life at work.

Objectives :

- To understand the mechanisms of stress

- Acquire effective tools to regulate it

- To strengthen one's ability to manage stress

Added value for employees:

At the end of this workshop, participants will have several tools at their disposal that will allow them to better manage their stress independently. They also know how and when to practice sophrology exercises to improve their daily well-being.

By offering this workshop, the company is taking a genuine approach to :

- Improving the quality of life at work of its employees.

- And, as a result, to optimise their performance!

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