The recumbent bike Olympics - Etang Saint-Paul Group activity


Etang-Saint-Paul is to host the first Olympic Games on recumbent bicycles! For your unusual outdoor Team Building event in the west of France!

Your company will have the opportunity to take part in this unique event!

3 events: waiters' race, guided blind relay, solo time trial or relay. All on a recumbent bike!

Theme: game of skill and dexterity on a recumbent bike. Discovery of an eco-mobility sport/practice.

Description of the activities:

Warm-up (various exercises around walking while taking into account the pathologies of some participants and visually explaining the exercise and its variations to the whole group).

event 1: Water rescue race / Waiters' race

Each team must, in relays, complete a course to transport as much water as possible.

Each team has 5 litres to start with, waiter trays, glasses, bowls, etc. and a trike to share (strategy and challenge at this level).

The aim on the trike is to transport as much water as possible on its cup tray to the other side of a fun grass course.

Activity time with 2 runs of 45 minutes.

Hydration break (juice & water): 20 minutes

event 2: Guided blind relay

For the second event, a team-mate will have to blindfold himself (sleep mask type) and trust the other members of his team, who will guide him orally to reach the goal in the best time, while avoiding the pitfalls (alone or with the help of a guide).(Only 1 member of the team must agree to be guided; bonus points may be awarded if several members of the team attempt to be guided.)

Activity time: 40 minutes.

event 3: Time trial or relay race

In time trial mode for this final event: each team member will have to achieve their best solo or relay time (activity time split according to the time remaining).

Activity time: 2 rounds of 30 minutes.

Event countdown to announce the winning team at the end of the activity (prize-giving to the winning team + small consolation prize for all participants)

Included in the service:

For the waiters' race: 8 to 10 large trikes - Helmets - Charlottes - Plots for creating the circuit - Glass bottles (12 in stock, 2 per team) - Cups - Glasses - Verrines

For the Blind Relay event: Blindfolds (6) - Jav'ball turned into an object to collect - balls - skittles - basket

For the Timing event: 3 stopwatches - 3 relay lines

General equipment: Tables - Tablecloths - Pens - Permanent pens - First-aid kit - Glasses - Paper or cloth napkins - Drinks: water and juice depending on the size of the group - Team ribbon - First-aid kit

Team ribbon - First aid kit - Warning sheet - Cereal bar - Water + cup


Arrive at the site and set up the workshop

Welcome the first participants

Explanation of the procedure and warm-up

Core session: Master on recumbent bike

Cool down and snack

Our general objectives:

- Strengthen links between managers and employees

- Ecomobility workshop to raise awareness of alternative means of travel

- To have an effect on physical, emotional, social and cognitive well-being

- Promote motor development in children and maintain motor activity in senior citizens

- Fun activity

- Get teams to work together to complete 3 bike-riding events

- Maintain and stimulate the physical and psychological capacities of the participants

- To make this a convivial and bonding moment

2 leaders.

Duration: 03H00

Capacity: 8 to 25 people.

Includes: Drinks break (juice and iced tea)

For groups of more than 25 people, we offer: Treasure hunt and Olympics on recumbent bikes and electric scooters

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