Treasure hunt on the history of Réunion Island Group activity


A treasure hunt on the history of Réunion Island. With semi-sporting challanges around lontan games!

"La Réunyon ou koné?"

Including: The entire treasure hunt, a mini general knowledge quiz to set up the teams, challenge each other and collect points, a gift for the winning team.

Teams are formed under the different names that Réunion Island has adopted.

- Dina Morgabim = team 1

- Bourbon Island = team 2

- Mascarin Island = team 3

- Pearl Island = Team 4

- England Forest = Team 5

- Santa Apolonia = team 6

- Bonaparte Island....

1. The treasure hunt :

A cooperative treasure hunt. It takes place outdoors and is played in teams. You'll need a smartphone to follow the clues, answer the riddles and keep track of the team rankings...

The mission: Find the flags of Réunion and answer questions about the history of Réunion from its discovery to the present day!

2. The sporting challenges:

Mini-sports challenges on the theme of Réunion Lontan await you!

These challenges can be adapted and personalised to suit the number of teams, the location and your preferences.

The sporting challenges on offer:

- Reunion flag game: an original twist on the beret game, combining competition, skill and responsiveness: laughter guaranteed!

- Goni race: The famous sack race revisited in Réunionese style!

- Jeu de la moque: a new take on the sports game!

At a venue of your choice.

For up to 40 people.

Duration: 02 hours

Possibility of organising a morning session and an afternoon session.

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