Unusual Sports Team Tournament Group activity


At the location of your choice!

This is a real interactive day of sports challenges that we offer (adaptable to half days of course).

Teams will be formed.

You will be able to compete in a tournament (or in free access without ranking or elimination if you wish) with facilitators of each discipline to boost the various meetings.

Here are the practices that we can adapt in tournaments:

- Tchoukball: A mixture of volleyball and handball: points are scored by bouncing a ball into a "frame" placed at each end of the court, so that the opponent cannot catch the ball afterwards. The frame is an inclined trampoline that allows the shot to bounce.

- Molkky (or petanque): The principle of the game is to knock down wooden skittles with a thrower called a Mölkky.

The pins are marked from 1 to 12. The first team to score exactly 50 points wins the game.

- Baseball / Tekball with foam bats

- Kin Ball

- Bubble Football

- Volleyball

- Beach tennis (possible on grass)

- Classic football

- Sumo wrestling

Ideal for a"Christmas Tree" day for all, or as part of a fun Team Building day!

From 30 people!

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