Delphine de Whereez , 05/04/2021

10 new ideas for Team Building activities in Paris and Ile de France

The early 2000's were yesterday! The Internet was at its peak, the smartphone and 'Plus Belle la Vie' were taking their first steps into our lives.

However, Team Building was still a very vague notion... 30% of companies were trying to set up these activities aimed at strengthening team spirit and cohesion between employees. There was little talk of fulfilment at work. And when it came to an outing with colleagues, bowling was in a no-holds-barred duel with go-karting. Today, companies are taking this issue seriously to facilitate teamwork, and teleworking, democratised since the crisis, has reinforced this awareness. Today, there are 50% more events organised. Team cohesion has become essential. And so has the need to get away from it all.

Companies are looking for the most innovative and unusual proposal possible. The one that will make an impression on employees and strengthen team spirit.

With Whereez, this variety of choice is put forward. On, the unusual and the original have become the key words for a unique experience. Here is a small overview of 10 activities that we would never have imagined doing in a company 15 years ago:

01 - Lightsaber initiation

In the skin of a Jedi? Ok, ok, Star Wars is not new...! But, recently, it is now possible to be initiated to the cult weapon of the movie, the lightsaber, surrounded by your colleagues, in a logic of exteriorization of your emotions, with a touch of mentalism... This is not a murder party! And this is new and effective for strengthening team cohesion!

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02 - Introduction to Quidditch

Much more than a sport, this is a real discovery of your colleagues within a game you have never played before. You will have the chance to discover a very unusual team building at a very low cost. Imagine a race with a broom between the legs, with balls of different shapes, goals at different places on the field... Indeed, the scene seems funny, but to emulate the teams, it is effective!

You will have recognized the sport of Harry Potter. Half sporty, half playful, but 100% laughs!

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03 - Graffiti initiation in Paris

"Paris under the bombs" sang a group in the 90s. Considered as marginal at the time, graffiti has been democratized and workshops of initiation to the creation of Street-Art frescoes have been organized.ation of Street-Art frescoes on free walls are now offered to develop creativity and strengthen team cohesion. Participants will be seduced by this creative experience! Make way for the rehabilitation of artists in an urban space that is reinventing itself.

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04 - Create your own hat from A to Z

How about a Team Building workshop on fashion design? From shaping, to decoration, to baking (and yes, hats do go in the oven), participants will have the privilege of discovering a craft and making their own style! This workshop is an original and unusual way to involve your teams in the preparation of your company's next 'chic' event!

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05 - Axe throwing!

Have you heard of the axe throwing tournament? Since 2018, this fun and playful 'competition', which comes to us from Canada, has been welcoming Parisian companies in a hall in the capital. Get your checkered shirts and aim high! And keep your distance from the targets...! The objective seems accessible but is the challenge so simple?

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06 - Karting on ice, ice hockey, basketball on ice and seminar in an ice rink

A great way to get your colleagues on the ice, exchanging shuttlecocks during a badminton tournament on an ice rink... or during a basketball match! Learn to play hockey like a team preparing for the Olympic Games! Shoot the breeze during a go-karting session on ice...

This multi-activity session is quite improbable to reinforce team spirit and nobody would have suspected its existence ... yet within reach of skates!

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07 - Hands in an apiary

Awareness of the need to protect our bees has led to new activities on the subject. It is now possible to get together with colleagues for an introductory workshop on beekeeping. Nature is coming to town, so let's all get dressed up and go for the hive products. Thrills, pleasures and discoveries guaranteed!

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08 - Cooking insects... and Survival Course

Yes, it existed before... but in a survival show on TF1. Today, it is a real chic and elaborate cuisine that is invited among the original Team Building proposals. Full of protein, mystery and adrenaline, experience a rare culinary adventure! This workshop is also available as a half-day "Survival course" combining several workshops to become real "resourceful" in nature! In this natural place, everything is to be done: build your own hut, make a fire, take part in an orienteering race, cook (after an insect hunt of course!), will you be able to take up the challenge?

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09 - Time and space investigation in Virtual Reality in Paris 1900

Virtual reality has entered our lives with full force! You know the traditional treasure hunts and escape games? Do you like solving puzzles? This time, it is with a virtual reality mask, which will plunge you into the Paris of the 1900s, that you will have to rack your brains and discover the mystery of a young woman found drowned in the Seine. A great way to surprise your teams with one of the most unusual Team Building activities in France... The quays of the Ile-Saint-Louis are yours!

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10 - Making furniture from pallets

The activity in video: https: //

Awareness of ecology and "Do It Yourself" was still very low 15 years ago. Today, more and more people want to create things themselves and use recycled materials to build. Furniture, shelves, desks... what if furniture makeover was the new trend? Motivate your teams, you'll see that sawing a pallet together strengthens bonds!

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You are spoilt for choice... It's up to you! Or have someone else do it ;-)

Why Whereez for the organisation of your Team Building?

In recent years, Team Building outings have become more and more numerous and new ideas, ever more creative and original, abound! But it is not always easy to find your way around all the team building activities on offer in the major cities of France, and even outside the metropolis.

On Wheerez, to help you organize such a day, we have selected the most unusual workshops, which will allow your teams to share a moment out of time! Opportunities to strengthen the cohesion between your employees who are used to working in teams.

We have selected some of them above, but there are plenty of other possibilities: Burger quiz between colleagues, 007 evening, or 3D LegoⓇ building workshop, there are plenty of ideas to boost motivation and team spirit in your company.

Choose from our selection of activities that you would like to emulate your teams, and contact us for a personalised quote. We will listen to your constraints and desires and work with you to refine the preparation and animation of your event, taking into account your objectives and priorities. With or without an event agency, we will accompany you from the idea to the realization to make this Team Building activity a success!

Give a positive social impact to your events

Choosing Whereez means choosing a sustainable social model. Our partners are young and committed companies in the making, from the local economic fabric. They therefore need a boost in growth to develop and hire locally.

New Team Building: feedback from our clients

At Whereez, we have tested these Team Building proposals (lucky us!), and if we offer them here, it is because we loved them!

But the best thing to do is to listen to our clients talk about it:

Jérémy, who took part in the activity Jeu de piste en réalité virtuelle dans le Paris de 1900:

"The treasure hunt was really nice, in addition to solving the riddle with a technology that we are not necessarily used to using, it makes us discover the beautiful Paris, I recommend this activity."

Flo', following her participation in the Graffiti in Paris activity:

"I was light years away from thinking of one day doing graffiti on a wall... what an artistic and human discovery! A real moment of cohesion between colleagues!

Pascale, after doing Graffiti in Paris:

"Super fun and cultural afternoon that allowed me to see tags and graffiti in a different light. Bénédicte knew how to captivate our attention by sharing her passion with us. She made us discover artists and an art that we were mistakenly assimilating to vandalism. Drawing not being my forte, I was a little apprehensive... In the end, through a simple and efficient technique, Félix allowed us to free and share our creativity together. All this took place in a good mood and in splendid weather."


What is the principle of team building?

The term "team building", which could be translated as "team building", is a device used in companies to promote cohesion, motivation and team communication.

The principle of team building is to offer employees the opportunity to participate in an activity together, outside of a traditional work setting. Several studies have shown that promoting mutual aid and solidarity by giving employees common objectives increases their productivity.

Team building can take many forms and touch on various areas, depending on your objectives: sports activities, escape games, coaching sessions, culinary workshops, etc.

How to organise a Team Building?

First of all, you need to define the objectives of the team building: to reinforce the internal cohesion of the team, to improve communication, well-being at work or team spirit. Restore motivation to the teams? Resolve a particular conflict? clarify the responsibilities of each other? The objectives can be many and varied.

Once the objective(s) has/have been defined, the profile of the participants must be analysed: what is their age range? are they more sporty? are there more women than men? what are their expectations? ...

Now you are ready to look for an activity adapted to your audience and meeting the objectives of your team building. All you have to do is think about how your day will unfold and when you will carry out the activity, and then ask your management for information about the budgetary constraints.

At Whereez, we regularly advise our clients to be as clear as possible about the needs of the management and the constraints in order to avoid spending too much energy looking for a 5-legged activity!

Finally, last but not least, innovate and try to get off the beaten track by proposing unusual activities selected by a specialised agency like Whereez.

How much does a Team Building activity cost?

The first reflex we have with our clients is to think in terms of budget per person. Indeed, when you organise a Team Building, we do not know in advance the number of participants.

However, your management has certainly asked you to respect a dedicated budget. How can you respect this budget?

First of all, we advise you to negotiate a budget per person with your management. This will allow you to cover yourself for an unexpected increase in the number of participants, for example.

The price of a team building event varies according to many criteria. Here are a few examples of criteria that will make the price of a team building vary:

- The place chosen for the team building. The more distance you have to cover, the more you are exposed to travel costs which can be more or less important depending on the material to be transported, the access to public transport, the need to cover the living expenses of the leaders (accommodation, meals...)

- The duration of the team building: the longer it takes, the more expensive it obviously is!

- The type of activities andentertainment (Escape game, Virtual reality, Murder party, Treasure hunt...)

- The number of participants. Many Team Building activities charge by the number of people, or by stages (the stages very often correspond to the number of facilitators needed for the workshop to run smoothly)

- The number of facilitators and their scarcity. For the same mixology workshop, it will be more expensive if it is run by a very well-known mixologist, for example. We could take the same example with a chef for a cooking workshop.

- The necessary equipment

- The objectives of the team building (team building, motivation, communication, company seminar...).

As you can see, there are many criteria to explain the price of a team building. From experience, we consider that a reasonable range would be to find activities whose price oscillates between 30 and 80-90 € HT / person.