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Our selection of 15 outdoor team-building activities

If you're looking to organise an outdoor team-building activity to make the most of the fine weather that's just around the corner, you've come to the right place! We've selected 15 of the trendiest, most original and most unusual outdoor activities. You'll already have a taste of the holidays!

The following activities are our favourites, but if you'd like to discover more, we've listed all our ideas for outdoor activities
have listed all our ideas for outdoor activities at the bottom of this article.

1 - Gourmet stroll

Discover your town while sampling local produce!

Gourmet walks or rallies are a popular team building activity. They're also activities you can do as a family with your children, so they're ideal for holidays too. These events offer participants a unique experience, allowing them to discover new flavours while strengthening their team spirit.

Gourmet rallies are often organised in small groups and allow participants to work together to navigate through a series of culinary challenges and puzzles. All the while exploring and discovering the nooks and crannies of a city. These activities are a great way to have fun, relax and connect while exploring your city or region in a gourmet way.

We offer different types of gourmet rallies or walks, here are just a few examples of what we offer:

Gourmet rally in Paris

Gourmet guided tour of Barbès

Gourmet walking tour of Old Lyon

Dramatised gourmet walk: Gones & Grattons

Gourmet stroll followed by a tasting of local produce in a Provençal village of
Graveson, between Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and Avignon.

Other gourmet walks exist in different towns in France, and even on Reunion Island! Send us a request here, and we'll make you a tailor-made proposal.

2- City treasure hunt

Would you like to discover your town in an unusual way? Set out to conquer Paris's Ile Saint-Louis with a VR mask over your eyes, the capital's Passages Couverts through an ecological and responsible investigation, save Vieux-Lyon from destruction and the dangers of the occult city... Take on the unsung heroes of Nantes and its giant elephant! Take the opportunity to (re)discover Old Nice, the districts of Bordeaux or Toulouse...

All over France, we'll surprise you and take you in search of enigmas in historic, atypical and unusual districts... Send us a request here and we'll make you a tailor-made proposal.

3 - Activities on the water

What better way to make the most of sunny days than with activities on the water! Whether it's a sunny summer day or an autumn outing, no-one will tell you otherwise: team building activities on the water are a fun way to spend time outdoors while working to strengthen team spirit and collaboration. By breathing in the fresh air, being rocked by the waves and admiring the beauty of the surrounding scenery, participants can feel revitalised and inspired. Here are three of our favourites. These activities have been carefully chosen for their quality and their ability to offer a memorable experience:

- Ecological treasure hunt by boat in Levallois Or on the Canal de l'Ourcq

- Multi-mission Aquaventure: Aquatic Team Building

- Catamaran building

Our catalogue of team building activities on the water doesn't stop there. Send us a request here and we'll make you a tailor-made proposal.

4 - Street Art

Street art, or Graffiti, is a form of urban art that allows you to express your creativity freely and spontaneously. As a team-building activity, an introduction to street art can provide a unique experience for your employees, inviting them to explore their creativity and work as a team to create a collective work of art.

As well as taking place outdoors and making the most of the fine weather, participants will leave with a collective work that represents their joint collaboration and creativity.

So don't wait any longer and become a graffiti artist for a day: in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and many other cities

There's a different format for discovering the art of graffiti without getting your hands dirty ;) a Street Art tour followed by Live Painting in Paris and other major French cities

5 - Outdoor Squid Game Challenge

would you like to be outdoors while taking part in an immersive Team Building experience in the world of the crazy series "Squid Game"?

This famous Korean survival game will plunge you into fun and collaborative challenges to test your mental and physical agility.

On the programme you'll find activities that are emblematic of the series, such as "1, 2, 3 Soleil", "L'Alvéole", "Le Tir à la Corde", "Les Billes" and "La Course en Sac". Each game offers the chance to win tokens, which represent your "life point" in this immersive experience. Winners can then exchange their tokens for rewards.

For a more immersive experience, participants will be able to dress up and accessorise according to the theme. The whole experience will be hosted by a presenter who will use the same codes as the series. So, are you ready to take up the #SquidGame challenge?

Take part in season 2!

6 - Koh-Lanta by teams

Welcome to all you intrepid adventurers! We've got news for you: our hosts are travelling all over France to immerse you in an unforgettable adventure. An immersive experience in the challenges of the most famous TV adventure show!

Imagine yourself stranded on a desert island, an isolated beach or in the heart of a wilderness, with the sole aim of forging strong bonds with your colleagues and leading your team to victory. On the programme: physical challenges, brainteasers and a good laugh, as well as developing team spirit and cohesion.

Finally, the ultimate test of the poles will be your moment of glory! You'll have to show your agility and physical and mental stamina to lead your team to victory. But remember: "in the end, there'll only be one of you left!

So, are you up for the challenge?

7 - Team Olympics: Intercities / Olympic Games...

Team challenges are a must for outdoor Team Tuilding. They can take several forms.

Company Olympics.

Bootcamp" for the physical version, with challenges similar to the "12 labours of Hercules"! All, of course, in a format accessible to all profiles. So that all your colleagues can join in!

And the famous "Intervilles " for those nostalgic for the programme that lulled our summers of yesteryear. Re-enacted in the form of challenges between colleagues, with the same zany and unusual spirit.

These fun sports activities can be enjoyed anywhere in France.

Combining sport and fun, these activities are suitable for all levels. Whether you're sporty or not. And the sessions can be adapted to suit your preferences and profile. All supervised by professional sports instructors. Dare to be unusual for your colleagues!

8 - Introduction to Quidditch

Fancy an unusual and magical team-building activity with a bit of fresh air? Why not try Quidditch!

Inspired by the Harry Potter saga, this team sport pits two teams against each other on broomsticks. Choose your house and take on the role of attacker, defender or even catcher of the Golden Snitch!

With three hoops to jump through and bats to avoid, Quidditch is a fun, mixed sport that's sure to be an unforgettable experience. So wake up your inner wizard and join a team for a fantastic Muggle Quidditch match!

Did this activity appeal to you? Would you like more details? Take a look at what's on offer in Paris or Grenoble. The activity is also available in other cities, just contact us and we'll be happy to organise a Quidditch tournament in your town.

9 - Les aventuriers de la planète - R.S.E Challenges

Looking for an idea for an outdoor team building activity with a CSR theme? Look no further! The collaborative challenge based on the 4 natural elements is the perfect activity for you!

A fun, collaborative team challenge that takes place at the location of your choice and allows you to connect with nature. There are 4 challenges based on the natural elements: earth, air, wind and fire. The Fire Challenge, the Water Challenge, Clean Up the World and the Creative Recycled Tank Race.

Each team has to optimise its use of energy, save the planet's resources, sort waste and use its ingenuity to design a float using recycled products. The winners take part in a 'crash test' race, followed by the presentation of trophies. This outdoor activity is an excellent opportunity to promote corporate social responsibility while having fun as a team.

10 - Funfair or fair

A "back to childhood" event for your company?

When the weather's nice, it's time for a funfair! Why not recreate the atmosphere of a funfair at your event?
your event?

With games like chamboule-tout, balloon shooting and the cuddly toy crane, there's something for everyone. Win tokens at each event and then try your luck on our claw cranes.

This festive event is perfect for bonding with your colleagues or guests. Whether during the day or in the evening, you're sure to have a great time. And who knows, you might even walk away with one of the raffle prizes!

11 - Discover urban beekeeping

Would you like to discover the fascinating world of bees? Would you like to find out more about the way they live, their role in the ecosystem and the role we can play in protecting them? How to look after a hive and bees in a gentle way? Come and find out near your town!

Embark on an unforgettable half-day of honey tasting and discover a unique profession!

On the programme: an initial theoretical part to understand their essential role in our ecosystem. Then it's off to put on your beekeeping jacket and open the hive to get a closer look at the bees! Finally, it's time for a tasting session with real honey from all over the world. And to top it all off, by booking a workshop, you're helping to save the bees! 50% of the profits go to our partner beekeepers.

12 - Survival course - Bootcamp

Whether it's an Operation Commando, a Bootcamp adapted for companies or a Survival Course, surpass yourself and offer your colleagues a moment of conviviality and mutual aid. Experience nature, effort and survival techniques! Don't worry, all the activities are adapted to different profiles.

For a day full of adventure and challenge, we offer a range of different challenges that will put your survival skills to the test. You'll have to build a shelter, make a fire with rudimentary tools, taste insects and fish eyes, orient yourself with a compass and much more!

If you're looking for a sporting activity, then opt for the famous "Bootcamp"! Exercises inspired by military training to push you to the limit!

Ready to take up the challenge?

13 - Barbecue Party - BBQ Challenge

A foretaste of the holidays! Why not combine the pleasure of good food with team-building? Organise a team-building barbecue party! With our 2 in 1 package, you can organise a team barbecue at the venue of your choice. We'll travel anywhere in France and supply all the equipment you need, including the barbecue.

After a one-hour cooking lesson, during which the participants are divided into three teams, the chefs come and give their advice at the various stations. Then enjoy a cocktail party to learn how to make mojitos, daiquiris and honey moons. Finally, enjoy a delicious barbecue buffet accompanied by a bottle of wine for three. All in a friendly, gourmet atmosphere, the harbinger of fine weather.

As a bonus, we can organise a pétanque, Molkky or other outdoor games tournament.

14 - Orienteering

If you're a fan of outdoor thrills and adventure, have you ever thought of testing your skills as part of a team in a forest? Whether with your colleagues or your family and children, an orienteering race will allow you to search for markers while answering questions on flora and fauna or on a made-to-measure theme. To succeed in this activity, good organisation, orientation and fluid communication with your team-mates are essential. So, are you ready for adventure?

We offer this activity in the forest of the Domaine Lodge for residents of Paris and its
the surrounding area. Or a forest in the 94 region! If you're in another city, please contact us here.

15 - Wine tours

On foot, by bike, in a vineyard where you'll spend the day... All over France, there are many different ways to combine an outdoor escape, work, relaxation and a 100% local wine tasting!

A guided ride on a hired bike through the vineyards of Burgundy. Followed by a tasting of the region's finest wines. It's a change of scenery we think you'll love.

But also in Paris, where you'll find vineyards with a rich history! Abandoned in the 19th century, the vineyards of Ile de France were the most important in the country, shaping the culture of the region. Take a tour of the cellar and vineyards and taste the wines produced on site. You'll even have the chance to have lunch in the middle of the vines. Organise your next seminar in the middle of a hectare of vines in the heart of Paris! Who would have thought!

This format is applicable to all major French cities!

1. Wine tours by bike :
2. Seminar through the vineyards of Paris or your region (seminar format available at numerous wine estates throughout France):
3. Wine walking rally in Montmartre or Bercy (also available in many other towns in France):

All our ideas for outdoor activities

Outdoor activities: what our customers have to say

Catherine - AXA : "We were all very satisfied with this activity, especially as we were lucky enough to have a sunny afternoon. The groups of 3 or 4 people were well thought out, with an original way of discovering Paris. Everyone really enjoyed it. And it gave everyone a break from their busy lives. "

Sana - EIKOSIM : "The day was great, everyone enjoyed it, whether it was the buffet or the activity, which was great fun and original. Thank you very much for the organisation. "

Marianne - Company: "The agents really enjoyed the activity. The treasure hunt (investigation) was of a high standard and the 2 hours were well spent. The host was adorable and the champagne tasting was delicious. Thank you very much for all your help in preparing the event over the last few months. "

Gabet: "Thanks to the staff for their attentiveness and friendliness. It was a first for us and not the last =D. Thanks also to Whereez for the variety and number of activities on offer :) Can't wait to try out other things like beekeeping and virtual reality. :) "