Whereez , 17/10/2023

Gathering around good food, sweet treats and other delights is a universal pleasure. Food brings us together in an almost instinctive way, and sharing the preparation of dishes as simple as grilled meats, pizzas or even a chocolate cake makes for memorable moments. But for your corporate events, why not go even further? With well-chosen culinary events, you can offer your staff unforgettable experiences that foster good relations and cohesion. Discover 10 of our best suggestions...

1. Cocktail Bar and "Cocktail Show" entertainment

This culinary event offers you the chance to set up an ephemeral cocktail bar on your premises for the duration of your corporate evening. Cocktail truck, illuminated bar, ice bar... this personalised installation invites your guests to discover the art of creating tasty and original cocktails. Juggling barmen, stage effects (pyrotechnics, lights, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, etc.) and workshops to learn how to make your own cocktails: the ideal recipe for an unforgettable event.

2. Gastroludiques events - Games and challenges at the table

Does your team love challenges and gastronomy? Table-top games and challenges are the perfect way to break the ice or strengthen team spirit. On the programme: unexpected questions on the theme of gourmet pleasures, unusual props to get everyone in the mood and totally wacky games... Play with your food: it's the only way to win!

3. Beer treasure hunt

Available in various towns across France, this culinary event is sure to please fans of investigations... and of craft beers. Immersed in an intriguing and mysterious scenario, participants embark on a journey punctuated by riddles and tastings. A fun approach to beer tasting.

4. The Culinary TV Show - Quizzes and fun tests

A culinary challenge that only the most enthusiastic will be able to meet. Discover the Cooking TV Show, ultra-immersive interactive entertainment that plunges participants into a culinary reality show. Hosted by a Michelin-starred chef, this event, available in French and English, is an adventure full of twists and turns. Who will be able to save their establishment from bankruptcy?

5. Ice creations (ice rolls, sundae, granita, frozen yogurt, etc.)

Treat your staff to a culinary experience based around icy delights, so enjoyable in the summer or at the festive season. A plancha frozen at -25°C, a delicious liquid preparation that transforms instantly, additions to incorporate with a spatula... that's the magic of Freeze Rolls: a delicacy that explores the traditions of Thai and Malaysian street food. unless you'd rather learn the secrets of Italian ice cream, granita, natural sorbets, frozen yoghurts or the famous American sundaes!

6. Street food cooking classes - Culinary workshop

Street food is a veritable pillar of world culture. From Paris to Japan, these traditions feature fresh, minimally processed ingredients and astonishing techniques, which you can discover in this cookery class. On your premises or at a venue of your choice, you'll be introduced to the unique techniques used to recreate surprising French-style street food recipes.

7. The Chocolate Canvas - Chocolate Team Building Workshop

If there's one delicacy everyone can agree on, it's chocolate. In fact, the creations of the great chocolate masters are veritable works of art. But creating a chocolate canvas takes the concept even further! Ideal for exploring participants' creativity, this culinary activity is designed to help the group develop a common thought process, share an extraordinary experience, and even share some of their own.the chocolate painting will then be broken up so that everyone can keep (and enjoy) a piece.

8. Solidarity cooking workshop for the homeless

We often talk about the benefits of spending time together. But spending time together while thinking of others can be a real eye-opener. This team-building workshop invites participants to prepare delicious packed lunches for the homeless in Paris. All in all, a great time ahead.

9. Team Cooking - Anti-Gaspi Challenge

Gourmets who are committed to the planet will be delighted to learn new tricks for making more sustainable recipes and reusing kitchen 'waste' to waste as little as possible. Get ready: the Team Cooking workshop makes it a challenge!

10. Wine Escape Game: the wine enigma comes to you

An escape game, good wine, all without even leaving your company premises? That's the idea behind this oenological escape game. Cooperation, communication and group spirit will be your best allies in solving the puzzles and enigmas and recovering a precious elixir in 60 minutes, top time!