Around the World in Puzzles: Virtual Escape Game Group activity


The activity that will take you on a journey, while remaining behind your computer.

Divided into teams of about 6 people, employees will (re)discover 10 emblematic places in the world by solving riddles on Google Street View.

It is not necessary for your employees to be experts of the places in question to discover, quite the contrary!

Our Virtual Escape allows the discovery of new horizons from a distance, and the scenarios are all solvable in their entirety without ever having set foot in the cities and places visited virtually.

Throughout the adventure, the Game Masters will stay in contact with the teams to provide assistance if necessary.

The game lasts 1 hour. an additional 20 minutes for the briefing and debriefing.

Each team will have its own video conference, so that the participants can exchange and communicate.

During the debriefing, we will announce the scores of the best teams.

Courses available in English and French.

Video conferencing tool of your choice.

recommended equipment:

- Computer with up-to-date browser

- Good internet connection

- Headset or earphones to avoid creating echoes with other participants

EXAMPLE: Company X with 48 employees wants to go on a round-the-world trip.

At the beginning of the activity, the participants are brought together on a global video conference to explain the rules.

At the end of the briefing, the 8 teams of 6 people join their respective videoconferences.

The adventure can begin.

During the allotted time, each team has access to the enigmas and is free to solve them.

A Game Master is present on the videoconferences to help the participants.

A form is filled in for each team with the answers found. It will be used to count the points and to establish a ranking.

at the end of the adventure, all the participants are reunited on the global video conference for a debriefing.

After the analysis of the answers, the podium is announced.

The complete results of all teams will then be sent to the company.

Also available in a "Tour de France" version here: https: //

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