Burger Quuuiz by teams Group activity


We propose an adaptation of the mythical Burger Coéizz game, at a distance.

Do you want to do an activity that brings the team together in order to get to know each other and create a bond?

A cohesion activity to create links between colleagues and get to know each other in an informal and fun way.

In video or face-to-face, you learn a lot about your colleagues! Based on the famous game show hosted by Alain Chabat, this game is played in 3 stages.

The questions are either silly, or related to you, or at the level of a 7 year old child!

An adapted game with the answers of the employees in relation with:

A- Their superpowers: One of our candidates knows how to open a beer with a tooth.

B - Their unlikely professional anecdote: One of our candidates got stuck in the toilet.

C - Their favourite joke: What do you do when you have two chicks and you only want one?

D - Their favourite song: One of the candidates likes the zoubida.

A lively audience: The audience reacts to the players' answers, just like on a TV set.

1 finalist team that does the ultimate death burger test


The nuggets: Questions with 4 propositions related to the previous games.

(Who is a David Hasselhoff fan? Nicolas! Who has Zoubida as their favourite song? Justine!)

The bill: Answer as quickly as possible to questions about employees' anecdotes. It will be told by the person concerned in the audience.

Who has ever arrived at school in slippers?

Salt and pepper: Who doesn't give their number to anyone? Ben Stiller. Answer the questions asked with three choices of answers.


Burger of Death: 10 questions asked to the last team with the objective of answering them in order, only after listening to the 10 questions.

Duration 1h15-1h30 - 30 pax, 5 teams of 6

For more participants, the game starts with an online selection to determine who will play as a team.

On the Zoom platform only (link created by us).

Photo credit: Irys Photographie

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