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Boost your soft skills by participating in "well-being and creativity" workshops for companies in Reunion Island!

Creativity, stress management, motivation, communication, empathy, relational and emotional intelligence, Nolwenn, art-pedagogue®, trainer and body psychology practitioner, offers workshops accessible to all. In a caring and reassuring environment, discover an original and playful approach to improve the quality of life at work.

Several workshops to choose from:

Projecting yourself" workshop

A real mental training tool, the vision board will stimulate your spirit of initiative and help you achieve your objectives. Initially created with images, I propose to integrate other techniques (collage, inks, stencils, ink pads, etc...). Mixed techniques allow you to experiment with the mixing of materials. They offer multiple possibilities and invite spontaneous creativity.

Course of action

-Guided visualization on the theme (optional or adaptable)

-Artistic composition in mixed techniques

-Closing time of the workshop (exchanges, sharing)

Stress management" workshops

The calm workshop

Combining breathing, movement and graphics to find inner calm and let go of the mind. Combining breathing and body movement techniques, positive psychology and creativity, this workshop helps to reduce stress and anxiety and to regain self-confidence.

Course of action

-Body movement and breathing exercises

-Creation of a guided and personalised creation

-Closing time of the workshop (exchanges, sharing)

The mandala workshop

In this workshop the common theme is the circle because it allows a work of centering and concentration favouring relaxation. According to their inspiration of the moment, the participants will be able to decline their circle in several ways: simple or multiple mandalas, open or closed circles, coloured or black and white, zentagle style... Everything is possible.


-Guided meditation (optional or adaptable)

-Realization of a guided and personalized creation

-Closing time of the workshop (exchanges, sharing)

The workshop of strengths

A workshop on self-awareness and knowledge of others based on a positive psychology tool: the strengths card game. This workshop enables participants to identify their personal strengths and to recognise those of their colleagues. This is followed by a time of production in dry pastel allowing each person to boost their potential through their creativity. The aim of this workshop is not to produce an elaborate work, but a spontaneous and authentic creation, however simple it may be.

Course of action

-Identification of strengths and exchange between pairs

-Creation in dry pastel on a large format of a force to be activated

-Closing time of the workshop (exchanges, sharing)

Art-meditation® and art-expression® workshops

These workshops are an invitation to return to oneself, to one's interiority and to the present moment. The meditation is always linked to a theme that you can choose or that can be proposed to you (ex: The 4 elements, the tree, a haiku, etc.) Rich of this time of introspection, the participants will realize a personal and spontaneous creation in connection with the theme and their experience. A time of renewal, of letting go, to be shared in a spirit of kindness.

What differentiates the two workshops is the duration and the variety of mediums available:

In art-meditation® the creation time is short and only dry pastel is used. The aim is not to produce an elaborate creation.

In Art-Expression®, mixed media are given pride of place. Participants will have time to develop and experiment with different mediums (paint, inks, stencils, stamps, pastels, collage, etc.) as they wish.

Course of the workshop

-Guided meditation in relation to the theme

-Time for creation

-Time for exchange

-Closing time of the workshop

Creative workshops

Collective or individual creations, these creative and playful workshops will be a time of renewal, sharing and cohesion for your teams. Depending on your sensibility and values, you can choose between land art, woven mandalas, recycling workshops and origami mobiles.


-Explanation and demonstration

-Realization of the chosen production(s)

-Closing time


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