CSR Challenges, Games and Olympics - Playing for the planet Group activity


CSR Challenges and special "environment" Olympics! With the help of participative brainstorming, do your bit for the planet on Réunion!

Can be played anywhere on the island!

Synopsis: You've been recruited by the Ze Goude Compagnie as a trainee and you're competing with all the others for the privilege of going to the big boss's office to drink a bad coffee that's not fair. The company is a renowned international business specialising in environmental irresponsibility and wants to maintain its position as world leader in the field.


Ze Goode Compagnie is a 100% CSR themed game. The participants, recently employed by Ze Goode Compagnie, will have to reflect on good corporate social responsibility practices in 3 workshops. This activity allows participants, while having fun and using reverse thinking, to identify all the bad practices of Ze Goode Compagnie.

The workshops are varied and allow real communication between participants, in a humorous and offbeat tone!

=> Game divided into 3 distinct parts.

Part 1: "ESCAPE GAME" format

Duration: 30 min. 1 actor can lead the game for greater immersion (otherwise an introductory video is possible)

Each group sits on a round table with chairs around it. Objective: to carry out an audit of the company's digital pollution.

A code case is handed out with a note from the director. In terms of handling, there are no sophisticated mechanisms, just a "serious game" format, i.e. a series of enigmas to be solved with quality equipment and a soundtrack to set the mood.

Each correct answer scores 1 point. Ranking at the end of the game.


Duration: 30 min. Teams will be asked questions following Part 1, in a "pencil and paper" format, and each team will have to come up with the best proposal to address the issues facing the Ze goode compagnie. The best proposals will be ranked by a vote of all the teams. Feeds into the overall team ranking.

Part 3: "OLYMPIADES" format

Duration: 60/90 min, a series of 5 workshops of around 10/15min where each team must choose the participant of its choice according to the workshop briefing. ("fort boyard" spirit)

Outdoor workshop with some more physical than others.

At the end of the 3 parts, overall classification of the teams with closing ceremony (distribution of different diplomas according to their result and their behaviour during the performance)

Each part can be performed separately.

For example :

Either part 1 on its own (ideal for a company evening), or the first 2 in a 1-hour format, or the 3 in approximately 1 hour 45 minutes in a row (ideally with a lunch break in the middle)

If you wish, we can offer you the "CSR OLYMPIADES" activity on its own! A sort of 'Kool-Lanta' for the environment!

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