Electric scooter treasure hunt: The Buzzard treasure Group activity


Discover the first electric scooters in the west during an exciting, immersive and fast-moving team-building historical treasure hunt on the history of Réunion Island!

Make the most of your next group activity to discover these new soft mobility vehicles, the ZWAV electric scooters.

Working in teams between La Saline and L'Hermitage, set off on your scooters in search of scattered clues to find the exact location of the treasure of La Buse.

Here you are, all aboard an all-terrain electric scooter to find the location of the precious treasure at sea... Between each stopover point, you use a smartphone to collect clues and answer the riddles. One of the survivors of the crash will be waiting for you at the starting point to present you with a series of sporting, thinking and logical challenges on the theme of piracy.

Background and scenario :

In 1730, Olivier Levasseur, known as La Buse, the famous pirate of the Indian Ocean, shouted a cryptogram as he was about to be executed: "My treasure to whoever can take it! "

And it was almost three centuries later that it was discovered on the island of Mauritius by four people from Réunion. These lucky philanthropists decided to return to their island to enjoy their booty. Unfortunately, however, events do not go according to plan: the small cuckoo clock used by the crew cannot bear the weight of the billions that make up the hoard and breaks up in flight, sinking into the ocean and taking the treasure with it once again!

Organisation and schedule :

D-3 before the event: The treasure is discovered on Mauritius by four people from Réunion.

D-1 before the event: The return expedition by plane does not go according to plan: the small cuckoo clock used by the crew cannot bear the weight of the billions that make up the treasure and breaks up in flight, sinking into the ocean and taking the treasure with it once again!

D-1 evening: the 4 Reunionese survived the crash. After coming to their senses, they drowned their sorrows between l'Ermitage and la Saline les Bains, going from bar to bar. They talk about the tragic accident again, leaving each place a precious clue to their journey.

Day of the event: The participants arrive on the beach at l'Ermitage (meet at the boulodrome). They find one of the Réunionese with the lost treasure. He is distraught. The adventure begins!

Mission: Gather all the clues scattered between La Saline and L'Ermitage and find the exact location of the Buzzard's treasure.

The guides:

The leader is one of the survivors. He explains to the participants his passion for the Buzzard, piracy, his years of searching for the treasure, the moment he found it and then lost it again.

He explains that he hopes to find it again in the ocean with the help of the participants. (One or two leaders are needed for the activity).

TRACKING GAME on electric scooters: (1 hour maximum)

This is a random, semi-digital trail game in 10 stages to be completed using the Baludik application. Geolocation points are indicated on each stage.

Only one member of the team connects to the application. Participants also receive a paper map. Team members can communicate with each other using the bell on the scooter.

Each stage offers an element, a clue, that enables the team to gradually reconstruct the plane crash and the place where the treasure sank. By gradually putting the pieces of the jigsaw together, the participants are able to pinpoint the exact location of the Buzzard's treasure. After 50 minutes, the team will be asked to return to the site, even if they have not found all 10 clues.

The route of the treasure hunt will be defined and personalised by each team. Each team will devise a strategy to find the 10 clues along the way.

Example of locations: Planch'Alizée, Les Balançoires, La parfumerie de Luxe (opposite the Varangue du Lagon), The pedestrian bridge between L'Hermitage and Saline les Bains... The treasure hunt takes place between Les Balançoires (the southernmost stop-off point) and Planche Alizée (the northernmost stop-off point).

Example of clues:

- Torn pieces of a newspaper article mentioning the tragedy (= puzzle to put together)

- Information on the tides on the day of the crash

- A selfie photo captured on social networks taken in front of the plane just before take-off

- A logbook with partially erased GPS coordinates....


Physical tests

Cannonball throwing: Use balls or sandbags to represent cannonballs and see who can throw the farthest or most accurately.

Captain Hook's crocodile: With a ticking clock and a "crocodile in a buoy", they wear pirate blindfolds and use the ticking clock to find the crocodile. I

The plank test: Two participants, armed with plastic swords (or swimming pool chips), stand on the plank and engage in a pirate duel while maintaining their balance.

Pirate verbal jousting: a test based on the rules of Time's Up, where teams first have to guess a pirate expression, then mime other pirate expressions!

mental Test

Pirate memory: In this duel, the host manually reveals a row of coloured balls (red, black, white) for ten seconds. During this time, the participants memorise the order of the colours. When the model is closed again, they each have to reconstruct the correct combination of colours.

The first person to make a mistake loses the duel.

A bottle in the sea: The pirates have to find bottles in a given area, open the messages and solve the riddles.

Sample riddles: It's an island without a sea, It's a salutary stopover, Sometimes called paradise, In the desert it appears. What is it? ANSWER: > The Oasis <


Example for 4 teams (in 3 hours of activity): the activity can be shortened if necessary.

15 min: Welcome of participants by the host + selection of crews + choice of crew names + choice of captain + battle cry & presentation of pirate headbands

10 min: Introduction to an initial game that will decide between the two teams that set off first on electric scooters + team briefing on the Baludik application.

1h: The first 2 teams compete in a series of challenges over a period of 1 hour. The other 2 teams collect clues during the treasure hunt

1h: The teams rotate, the 2 teams that didn't do the treasure hunt now set off on their scooters, while the other 2 teams compete in a series of challenges.

15 min: The teams return and compete together in a final event.

10 min: The teams discover the final map through various final mini-challenges, then, using all the clues they've gathered, have to indicate on the map where the treasure is.

10 minutes: final test + conclusion / announcement of the winners!

Duration: 03 hours of activity, including 1 hour of scooter treasure hunt (can be adapted to suit you)

Additional information: Sundays and public holidays excluded.

Capacity: Up to 15 scooters available. Groups of up to 30 people.

A few words about ZWAV X OKAI scooters

An electric scooter with unprecedented safety, the indicators on both the handlebars and the rear mudguard help to signal the right direction to everyone on the road.

Speed: Up to 30km/h

Electromagnetic and drum brake

Motor power: 350W

Maximum gradient: 20

Unladen weight: 34kg

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