La grande Kermesse du Far West - The Gold Rush Group activity


A treasure hunt, sporting challenges, games of reflection and logic... all on the theme of the Far West.

Monument Valley Péi, a totally new and unusual team-building experience on Réunion Island!

Challenge each other and collect points. The winning team will receive a prize.

Rotation every 15 minutes (for the activities) to 30 minutes for the treasure hunt.


1. Treasure hunt: (30 min -2 to 4 teams)

The treasure hunt is a cooperative game. It takes place outdoors and is played in teams. You'll need a smartphone to follow the clues and puzzles on the "Wanted" posters.

Context: 19 April 1883, an outlaw by the name of John Lemon enters a crowded saloon. He causes quite a stir with a mysterious haul, but dies during the night... Find the missing loot by questioning witnesses!

The teams are bounty hunters. The witnesses will give them clues to help them find the loot.

2. Sports challenges: (15 min - 2 teams)

Mini-sports challenges await you!

These challenges are adapted and personalised according to the number of gangs, the location and the client's wishes.

Examples of sporting challenges on offer:

- The Iron Hand: A test of strength and strategy, hammering a large nail into a log before your opponent does!

- Goni bag race: a timeless challenge

- Strong as a rock: Tug of war between 2 teams!

3. Thinking and logic games: (15 min: 1 to 2 teams)

- Cowboy game: a great team game where everyone can kill or be killed (a hilarious game)

- Le Carré d'As: Challenge the Croupier and win at your own game!

4. Games of skill and precision : (15 min: 1 to 3 teams)

Thinking, logic and intimidation are the key words of these mini-challenges. They are adapted and personalised according to the number of gangs, the location...

- Silver Hands : Axe throwing on wooden targets (skill and precision)

- Target archery!

- Lasso game: A game of skill and precision

The final stage and conclusion:

This final stage is used to decide between the teams and announce the winner: using sieves, shovels, pickaxes, a booty to be dug up to pocket the million dollars.

Location: This activity can be held outdoors. In a large outdoor area (subject to a request for an AOT from the town hall of the chosen location)

Alternatively, we recommend hiring a private venue to organise your day. We can offer you several, all over the island.

Capacity : From 20 to 300 people

Duration: 02H30 to 03H00

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