SquiiidGame Péi - The Team Building series Group activity


Squid Game on Reunion Island! For the first special Squid Game Team Building on the island.

The star activity of 2024 is here, and we're offering it at the venue of your choice! Led by costumed actors in the famous and intimidating red outfit!

An original and immersive Team Building event that will take your team into the world of the hit Korean Netflix series "The Squid Game"

The various activities in the series have been adapted to develop cohesion within your company.

The programme includes fun, games and collaborative development.

Don't worry, no one will be left out of the game! A system of life points will enable everyone to complete all the events.

there will be 2 rankings at the end: one per player and one per team.


1. The invitation: Participants will receive an invitation by email before the event.

This invitation, which follows the same format as the real invitation in the series, includes the location, date and time of the event, as well as all the information (+ your logo)

2. The general brief: We welcome the participants on the big day, with music (sound system and microphone) and decorations (costumes, masks, Squid Game sound and visual ambience).

The game master explains the rules of the game: there are 5 games. There are solo games and team games. Your aim will be to win each game.

3. A number: each person receives a unique number that will be their game number

4. Chips: During the starting briefing, we hand out 5 tokens per person, which represent their "life points".

In each game, when a player is "eliminated", he or she has the choice of causing a colleague to lose a token or winning one.


1st activity: 1, 2, 3... Sun!

True to the series, the person in charge of the game, dressed in a special uniform, announces the rules over a megaphone.

You have to cross the start line to the finish line in under 3 minutes.

Be careful, when he turns around, you must not move.

If anyone moves, they lose a point and are eliminated from this activity.

2nd activity: The honeycomb

Once again in keeping with the series, participants will have to use a small metal rod to try and separate the object in the cake (either in the shape of a triangle, umbrella or star).

A draw will be made at the start to allocate the shapes to the players.

If, after 5 minutes of play, you have not managed to separate the object or if it is not complete, you will lose one life point.

3rd activity: Tug-of-war

In teams and in the form of tournaments (between winners). The teams meet on either side of the rope.

The first team to touch the rope representing the limit in the middle loses.

4th activity: Marbles

In pairs (chosen at random), the players will each have 10 marbles. One of the two players has to finish the game with all of his opponent's marbles.

There are 2 ways of doing this:

Either the "even" and "odd" game (one of the 2 players guesses the number of marbles in the other's hand depending on whether the number is even or odd. Depending on the number of balls bet in 1 shot, the opponent wins or loses).

Or the hole-in-the-floor game. The 2 opponents take it in turns to throw their marbles, with the aim of one landing in the hole 5 m ahead.

5th activity: The glass tiles game

The players have to cross a "bridge" made up of 20 squares measuring 1m by 1m (2 per row)

The aim is to cross the bridge by jumping from one square to another. The constraints are as follows:

- each square can be trapped. The 1st person to jump over it determines whether it is trapped or not. If it is, it is eliminated and the others can use it to move forward.

- time is limited (10 minutes), so choices will have to be made to move forward!

Where can this activity take place?

At the venue of your choice. Preferably outdoors, depending on the size of the group. We can also travel to the location of your choice.

Who is it for?

Mainly companies. Or individuals of 25 people or more (ideally!).

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