Les Jeux de l'Olympe - 100% collaborative Team Building Group activity


A Team Building Olympiad based on Olympism and its gods, at the location of your choice in Réunion Island.

A real Team Building where people don't play "against" each other, but "together". Mini sporting and non-sporting events proposed by each deity await you!

It's a real team-building activity where everyone contributes to the group's progress, all together.

All the challenges are 100% collaborative.

Pitch and Briefing

"Forge your destiny by combining your skills to overcome divine trials!

To start the day, a dynamic briefing is held, highlighting the theme of "The Strength of the Collective" through the Olympian Games. We clearly present the aim of the activity, emphasising the importance of working together and helping each other to achieve common goals. This briefing serves as the foundation on which the whole day is built, emphasising that each individual, with his or her unique skills, contributes to the collective success.

Additional information: Participants discover their mission at the briefing. They have to come up with a team name and a common victory cry. The objectives and expectations for the day are clearly defined at this point. The facilitator creates a collaborative atmosphere by using terms and metaphors that reinforce the idea of collaboration and unity.

Construction of the tests:

The challenges are carefully designed to emphasise collaborative working.

Each challenge requires the contribution of every member of the team, underlining the importance of cooperation and communication. Each challenge highlights a quality or skill associated with a specific god, but the key to success always lies in collaboration and mutual support between all team members.

The scenario:

"In ancient times, the Titans ruled the cosmos, dominant and uncontested.

But one day, their reign was challenged by their own children, the gods of Olympus. Zeus, the youngest of the Titans, gathered together his divine brothers and sisters to challenge the authority of Cronos, their father, and the other Titans. "

The context: the gods of Olympus are looking for brave humans who can flush out their treasure. It's a challenge from the Gods, who are calling for the greatest possible cohesion, communication and pooling of forces from each participant!

There are sporting and non-sporting mini-challenges proposed by each deity!

These challenges can be adapted and personalised to suit the number of teams, the location and your preferences.

Examples of sporting challenges on offer:

- Multi-tasks: an eclectic course to complete as a team!

- Goni relay: Hermes was the messenger of the gods, associated with speed and agility. The goni relay is a relay race in which team members have to pass an object to each other using rapid communication and coordination techniques. The key to success is smooth and efficient transmission between team members.

- The Ballista: war event

- Goal shooting

- Tug-of-war

- Rescue: Hera was the queen of the gods and the goddess of marriage and family. This event would simulate a rescue scenario where team members have to work together to rescue a blindfolded member of their team. Various traps will have been set up around the 'trapped' person beforehand. Clear communication and coordination of efforts will be essential to ensure the success of the mission.

- The Switch

Examples of non-sporting challenges on offer

- Archery

- Time's Up Divine: Hermes: Hermes, as messenger of the gods, is associated with this exercise in fast and effective communication. In this event, teams have to guess words or expressions linked to Greek mythology within a given time. Collaboration is needed to develop effective communication strategies and to ensure that all team members participate actively.

- Wisdom solving (Enigma)

- Cornhole: Hephaestus: Hephaestus, the god of the forge, is the patron saint of this precision challenge. Teams must work together to throw bags of corn into holes on a board (similar to cornhole), using coordination and strategy to score points. Collaboration comes from planning shots and adjusting strategies according to the performance of the opposing team.

- Divine Frieze

- Strengths Workshop

- Test of Water

Includes: collaboration between teams to find the treasure of the Gods, 1 collective game at the end (grand resolution), 7 sporting events and 7 non-sporting events.

Capacity: 15 to 300 people

Who is it for?

- For those who want a real "Team Building" in the sense of "moving forward together" rather than "confronting each other" in the form of a challenge.

- For all companies that would like to do a Team Building Olympic Games but are afraid that it will be too sporty. So they're looking for something in-between, with an activity that's just as suitable for non-athletes as it is for athletes.

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