The Olympics go wild on Réunion Group activity


Experience the Paris 2024 Olympics from Réunion! Let your colleagues' talents shine by living the Olympic experience based on excellence, friendship and respect.

We'll be immersing you in the world of the Olympics from the opening to the closing ceremonies.

Opening Ceremony: Participants will experience the electric atmosphere of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, with a parade in the colours of different countries, inspiring speeches and an Olympic torch.

You'll be divided up by country! You'll have to recreate your Olympic flame. And make an inspirational mini-speech about your team.

Here, we'll be combining sporting events with fun games for all profiles.

The level of difficulty can be adapted to suit your requirements, as can the level of humour!

We have instructors who can accentuate the humour and zaniness of the challenges. And others, on the contrary, the sporting level while remaining competitive and serious. It's up to you to let us know what you prefer.

sporting events: A series of mini-sporting events inspired by Olympic disciplines and always with a touch of humour. These events can be adapted to suit your level of difficulty, the space available and the number of participants.

Examples of sporting events: relay race, high jump, shot put, horse race, synchronised land swimming, obstacle course... I promise you'll have a laugh!

Mime game: Participants get the other participants to guess the sport concerned as quickly as possible.

Olympic Quiz: A knowledge test on the history of the Olympic Games, famous athletes and records. Participants learn amusing and surprising anecdotes about the history of sport, the rules of the game and sports anthems.

Bonus Escape game with VR mask: Participants are immersed in the role of an athlete who is in Paris for the first time and is looking for the Olympic stadium. On their way, they have to overcome various obstacles and traps. With a crazy scenario!

The escape game will be run on a mobile application using "image recognition" technology. Once the images have been found in the defined space, the mission is completed. The images will be found randomly around the site. This creates an immersive effect, with a touch of virtual reality.

Award ceremony: Participants finish the event with a closing ceremony at which the organisers present the medals to the winning teams on a podium created just for the occasion.

Capacity: Between 15 and 300 people

If you are more than 100 people, we will create 3 villages:

- The Olympic events village

- The Olympic mime games and themed quizzes village

- The Escape Game in the shoes of an Olympic athlete.


Points are awarded on the basis of performance BUT also on the basis of the 3 Olympic values that we will be monitoring in each event: excellence, respect and friendship.


Wacky props: Props will be available (disguises for the relay race, duck-type buoys for synchronised swimming on the ground, etc.)

Photographer / Videographer: We can provide a photo or video report as an option.


At the venue of your choice. Ideally at a private venue that we can offer you depending on the geographical area you require. (There are many event and garden estates all over the island)

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