Olympiades lontan - Multi-challenges on Reunion Island Group activity


Between treasure hunt and physical games lontan / La Réunyon or koné ? Your Olympics/challenges on the history of the island, in teams.

We are proposing not 1, 2 but 3 activities based on the theme of "La Réunion lontan".

A treasure hunt on the history of Reunion Island. Semi-sporting challenges around lontan games! "La Réunyon ou koné?" and wooden lontan games to compete in teams.

Teams are formed under the different names of Reunion Island:

Dina Mogabine = Team 1 / Ile Bourbon = Team 2 / Ile Mascarin = Team 3 / Pearl Island = Team 4 / England Forest = Team 5 / Santa Apolonia = Team 6 / Ile Bonaparte...

1.The treasure hunt: A cooperative treasure hunt.

It takes place in the open air and is played in teams. It requires the use of a smartphone to follow the clues, answer the riddles, follow the ranking of the teams in play...

The mission: Find the flags of Reunion Island and answer general knowledge questions about Reunion Island.

2. The sports challenges: Mini sports challenges on the theme of Reunion Island await you!

These challenges are adapted and personalised according to the number of teams, the location and your preferences.

Examples of sports challenges proposed:

- La Réunion Lé La : Game of skill, precision and cohesion with balls and a tarpaulin in the shape of Réunion

- Reunion flag game: an original revisiting of the beret game, mixing competition, skill and reactivity: laughter guaranteed!

- Goni race : The famous sack race revisited in the Reunionese way !

- Jeu de la moque: revisited in the form of a sports game !

3. Lontan wooden games

Giant wooden games revamped in "Réunion Island" style. On which you can compete!

For example: The traffic jam game - The 400 bends road game - The market game - The cornhole game - The sleeping game - The mafate tower game


Capacity: From 15 to 200 people.

Duration: Half a day or a whole day.

Possibility of enhancing the day with team quizzes.

Venue: At the location of your choice. Ideally a large estate, which we can propose to you, and on which we could organise your day.

Otherwise, a public area: Etang Saint-Paul - Etang-Salé Bird Park - Tobacco area (Saline les Hauts).


We can offer you several meals, after or before the activity:

- A tailor-made picnic on the site of your activity: https: //whereez.com/fr/explore/caterer/s/pique-nique-amenage-sur-la-plage-buffet-bbq-chic-et-cosy

- A Moroccan meal under "La Tente Berbère": https: //whereez.com/fr/explore/caterer/s/repas-marocain-sous-la-tente-berbere

- Gourmet Carriages" (for sessions on the West): https: //whereez.com/fr/explore/caterer/s/les-carrioles-gourmandes-food-trucks-sales-sucres-sur-votre-evenement

- A restaurant or a rondavelle in the area:

For example, La Cuisine Ephémère, Vert tu Oses, l'Uni Vert, and many others...

- Delivery of packed lunches or trays

For a treasure hunt on the history of Reunion Island, it's here: https: //whereez.com/fr/explore/proexperience/s/jeu-de-piste-sur-lhistoire-de-la-reunion

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97415 Saint-Paul, La Réunion

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Je travaille principalement avec des fournisseurs et créateurs Péi, dans une démarche de respect de la nature, de créativité et d’authenticité.

Mes bijoux sont en pierres fines, graines, pierre de lave, bois, plumes, tissus ethniques, coquillages…

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