La Kermesse du village lontan - Fun team Olympics Group activity


Perhaps the wildest Team Building on Réunion Island! The games of the village lontan! The ideal activity for large groups on a team-building day!

Give your colleagues a real laugh with these Olympiads made up of large inflatable structures, big lontan challenges and lontan games (several formats to choose from)

CAPACITY: Please note that this activity is only available for groups of 50 or more. And up to 250 people.

DURATION: Over a full day (also possible over half a day, but we really recommend a full day).

Also possible over several days!

VENUE: This activity cannot take place in a public place. We will have to offer you a venue to hire (for example: Creps Saint-Paul, Les Grands Arbres du Jardin d'Eden, etc.)

Concept of village games through unique games of strength, balance, reflection, coordination, speed and obstacles.

Depending on the number of participants, the event will take place in two stages, the pool stages and then the finals. The spirit of the event remains friendly and good-natured under the aegis of fair play.

The equipment needed to organise the games and the human resources (referee, surface technician, etc.) will be made available.

The rules and regulations, the technical sheet and the schedule of events will be sent to the various participants so that they can prepare themselves.

Here are the different themes and possible games: we will help you choose a number based on the location of your event, the number of people and the target audience .


Trouv Trésor La Buse in Bassin Gran Anse: Search event. The aim of this game is to find the keys corresponding to the padlocks. The first team to open all the padlocks wins.

Alon cours dan Goni: Bag races

La Roue la chapé: Roll a wheel using 2 sticks and reach the finish line.

Alon Bat carré: Timed event. Get the 8 participants into a car. The doors and boot must close completely. One of the participants will be disguised as a giant cuddly toy and must be the last to enter the vehicle.


Tir su cordon mores: Tug of war.

Take the lorry wheel to the local site: A test of running and strength with lorry tyres. Make a round trip by tilting a tyre forward: 2 players will do the outward journey and 2 other players will do the return journey. The tyres must be lifted alternately.

Lo mur dé champion: Using their arms and a stick, the 2 teams take it in turns to climb to the top of the wall and ring the bell.


Allons surfé Sain Leu: Mechanical surfing on an inflatable structure. The team that lasts the longest wins the event. Timed event.

Grimp su le Moka: Mechanical bull. The team that lasts the longest wins the event. Timed event.

Va Gagn Coup bois: 3 players from each team set up on the bases of the inflatable structure. Avoid the automated logs. The intensity will gradually increase until there is only one left.


Kestion Po un Yab: Relay quiz. Answer 3 questions on the theme of the Petite Ile commune => Quiz to be personalised according to the chosen location.


Ti relais de l'ail : Inflatable structure. Circuit obstacle course

Stages of the course: running in tyres - ventriglisse - sack race - crossing an inflatable structure - wheel race route

Tipping o: Water transport test on a course. Using a bucket and a wheelbarrow. The team that fills its container faster than its opponent wins the event.


Docked basketball: Basketball on an inflatable structure. Attached to a rubber band, the players have to put the ball in the basket.

Fé chap boug la: Throw a ball at a target and make the opponent fall into the water.

Vis' loin vis' bien, ti va gagn le poin: 3 shots with petanque balls to reach areas at different distances and of different sizes.


Batay baba misselin: Sumo fights. In 3 rounds.

Allon Souké: Boxing matches in 3 rounds. On an inflatable structure.

Mem ataché mi essay chapé: Attached to a rubber band, players have to clip a ball onto the Velcro strip furthest from the structure.

Qui gliss pli vite: Inflatable water structure: The player jumps on the structure and has to get as far as possible.

PROPOSED ORGANISATION: This is an example for a day with 250 people.

Here is an idea for organising the games to suit the number of people.

24 teams, 10 of which are made up of 11 players.

Names of teams and list to be provided before the event.

Set up 12 "up/down" events: the team that wins moves on to the next event and the team that loses goes back to the previous event.

A time limit is set, and at the end of the time limit, the team that wins the last event will be the overall winner.

Some events may not require the participation of all the players, but it will be up to each team to organise the games as best they can.

Photo credits: Flavio "Souls and Grain

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