Online multi-challenge team game: Logic, thinking... Group activity


Logic, reflection, cooperation, creativity, curiosity, skill... these are all qualities you will have to demonstrate during the various mini challenges in teams that will be offered remotely.

An involving and entertaining online activity where you will find the spirit and dynamics of a real face-to-face team building.

Beware, time is on your side!

Which teams will show the best listening and collaboration? Which ones will manage to meet all the challenges?

through a dynamic succession of fun and original challenges, your teams will have to demonstrate a great capacity for collective thinking and cohesion.

Some examples of challenges:

LIAR/INQUIRER: Get to know your colleagues through this fun and friendly ice-breaker role-playing game/enquiry.

The ideal activity to launch the "Multi-challenge".

GIANT PUZZLE: Work together quickly to be the first team to put all the pieces together in this giant puzzle. Listening and organisation are essential to complete this challenge in time.

ESCAPE GAME EXPRESS: Tick. Tac... Tic. Tac...

Beware, the minutes are ticking away and you only have a limited amount of time to make the whole team escape.

This challenge uses all the codes of a classic Escape Game that you will have to solve in record time.

ENIGMES: One ? Two ? Three ? Ten?

how many riddles can you answer in this great mystery game where once again communication and group spirit will make the difference?

CREATIVITY AND RECONSTITUTION: Reconstitute a famous painting, create a new logo for your company... Put your artistic sense together to create a "life-size" work of art from a distance.

LOGIC: Fire up your neurons as a team!

Labyrinth, games of reflection and logic, puzzles... This multi-challenge will take many different forms for everyone's pleasure.

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