Remote quiz: Who wants to win... a maximum of points? Group activity


Online team building around the most famous TV quiz of the last 20 years!

In the same spirit as the famous TV game, we offer you a virtual version allowing several hundred people to play at the same time: "Do you want to win....maximum points?"

To play, you need a computer (or tablet) AND a mobile phone.

The host will then ask you a series of questions on a number of themes and with each answer you can move up the points scale, but be careful, each time you stumble, you fall back to the previous level.

There are, of course, several levels on the score scale that prevent you from falling back to 0.

Will you manage to avoid the traps?

Beware, there are no tricks in your game in this version: no call to a friend or 50 50, or whatever.

Discover this very different quiz which does not necessarily guarantee victory to the best candidate.

The quizzes are to be determined together beforehand.

Here is the list of themes we propose:

- Cinema

- General culture

- 70s-80s-90s-2000s-2010s

- Music

- TV series

- Halloween

- Disney

- Christmas

- Commercials

- Wild West

- Heroes of your childhood...

All over France and abroad.

Up to 1000 people.

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