Rigology session in companies (Laughter Yoga) Group activity


A 100% laughter session! Between "rigology" and "yoga" of laughter!

The group enjoys a moment of kindness and sharing, in several stages:

- connection to oneself and then connection to others

- muscular awakening and warm-up

- anchoring and conscious breathing

- emotional release

- games, mimes, playful sophrology, positive psychology

- laughter yoga

These stages lead us to the apotheosis: the laughter meditation, a collective laughter!

Finally, a time of relaxation that allows us to integrate and assimilate all the benefits of the workshop.

Possibility to continue with a complete Laughter Yoga session:

- Laughter games and exercises to let go

- Intermediate breathing exercises

- Laughter meditation to find your natural laughter

- Relaxation to enjoy the benefits of laughter

Why practice in a company ?

- Promotes team cohesion, communication and cooperative spirit

- Helps to improve the social climate

- Improves stress management and reduces tension

- Stimulates optimism and a positive spirit

- Allows you to (re)connect to the joy of living

- Brings physical and mental relaxation and helps to recharge one's batteries

- Improves concentration

- Allows you to benefit from the physical benefits of laughter

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