Sophrology workshop - Corporate wellness day Group activity


Take advantage of a Sophrology workshop at the location of your choice in Réunion. During a "well-being" day or during in-company workshops on stress management and relaxation.

Sophrology is a mind-body method created in 1960 by a neuropsychiatrist that uses a variety of techniques to harmonise the body and consciousness.

Only one chair per person is needed for this workshop. Exercises, seated static or in movement... Guaranteed benefits and relaxation.

This activity boosts self-confidence, helps you develop your potential and your ability to overcome emotional waves and regain vitality. It helps you let go.

It's the perfect way to relax, recharge your batteries and share an unforgettable moment with your colleagues!

Don't wait any longer, enjoy a unique Sophrology session, led and supervised by a passionate professional Sophrologist!

Focusing on relaxation and well-being, as well as self-discovery and listening, this session will bring you many benefits for both body and mind.

So forget your everyday worries. "You are here for yourself. Let yourself go and accept yourself as you are, in all goodness".

Sophrology in the workplace for "stress management".

Concept: introductory workshop in Sophrology for coping with stress.

Make participants aware of their ability to relax.

Teach participants the basic techniques for relaxing in just a few minutes.

Course of the activity :

First part: letting go (under the Sophrologist's guidance) through a guided relaxation reading of the anti-stress body.

Second part: learning to relax at work, to deal more calmly with stressful or tiring situations, and to have concrete tools for everyday life.

Sophrology has its place in the specific world of work and business.

Are you a company director looking to offer your employees a different approach to optimising their day-to-day lives? Offer this one-off or regular intervention.

Sophrology in companies knows how to invest in the well-being of employees and therefore capitalise on the human element by improving the quality of life at work. By preserving the health of employees, preventing professional risks and enabling them to better manage their stress and fatigue.

Better management of employee stress improves company performance and reduces absenteeism.

Technical requirements :

- A space of at least 30 m².

- Illuminated and air-conditioned space

- 12 chairs for employees and 1 for the Sophrologist

These proposals are clear and structured, defined and adapted to the company and guarantee the confidentiality of the company and employees.

Duration: From 01H00 to 01H30, according to your preferences.

Over the course of a day, it is possible to carry out between 6 and 10 sessions within a company. 1 hour per session.

Capacity: 12 people maximum per session.

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