"The fabulous destiny of... your company" - Ice breaker workshops Group activity


Inspired by the cult film "Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain", take advantage of a seminar on the human values that we must develop within our companies, between colleagues!

Unique in Reunion Island!

Combining ice breaker workshops, exercises on managing emotions, conflict prevention, getting to know each other... and fun and unusual moments, offer your colleagues a typical day that everyone will remember. Between seminar, training and team building, it is a real moment of well-being, cohesion and fun that you will experience.

Led by Elodie, a professional entertainer, singer, dancer and humorist. Also a creator of fun concepts, she is specialised in coaching with 8 years of experience in training and professional development organisations (Pôle Emploi, AFPA, Mission Locale, Fongecif).

She accompanies her clients to have fun, experience more lightness and joy and reveal their talents! She is committed to creating + cohesion by promoting better communication and ever more authentic relationships.

The objectives :

To get to know each other while having fun, to arouse positive emotions, a feeling of belonging to the group, to federate, to encourage team cohesion, communication, authenticity in exchanges and in one's professional practice, support, benevolence, respect

The theme and introduction to the day: THE FABULOUS DESTINY OF .... (name of your company)

Inspired by the film"Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain".

In the film, Amélie creates schemes to make people happy and bring back memories. What if this was our mission too? To make ourselves happy by making others happy?

The idea is to send a teaser invitation to the participants and/or to bring her in person to your premises or your different agencies (with disguise and possible staging) to arouse curiosity and commitment.

They will also be given a mission to fulfil throughout the seminar: each participant will have to send a photo by email and an object of their childhood on which we will base the presentation exercises.

A dress code or recognition accessory can be defined.

Possibility of creating a points or rewards system around the theme. Several options are possible (see end of sheet).

COURSE OF THE DAY : This is only a proposal. Everything can be adapted to your preferences.

MORNING - 09:30-12:00

Aim of the morning: Objectives: Getting to know each other, having fun, feeling comfortable, building trust.

- Ice breaker (word games, mimes, music...) => 30 minutes

- Photo treasure hunt => 02H00

Treasure hunt of cut-out photos and objects of all participants. As well as the key words of the company's values.

Objective: Reconstitute the cut-out photos of everyone and guess who is who?

This is an opportunity to present oneself in more detail and to reveal one's object, to talk about who one is, about one's childhood (and one's childhood dreams) to go deeper into self-discovery.

LUNCH: We will suggest a caterer or restaurant in the vicinity of your day.


Objective of the afternoon: Reconnect to oneself, to one's needs, to go deeper to allow a better understanding and collaboration by approaching the most sensitive subjects with kindness. To provide theoretical content to facilitate exchanges. To bring people together.

- Resume: 2 possible options => 30 to 45 minutes

Group Zumba OR Relaxation session: breathing, mindfulness (with explanations), self-massage and cardiac coherence.

- Post-it" workshop: Post-its have all the rights! (I like/dislike in the company). Exercises in sub-groups.

Exercise to express one's needs and feelings in the company and to highlight possible difficulties. And to suggest improvements.

+ Theoretical point on communication and conflict prevention with Brainstorming => 1H

Exercises that show that when we receive a message, we do not all retain the same information. We will highlight the difference in points of view. Brainstorming on what creates a misunderstanding or even a conflict. Difference of views, misinterpretation, emotion... We will also suggest ways to improve.

- Blind Test activity on the film (if you want it) and more broadly on cinema (French or other according to your preferences) => 01H30

- Closing of the day: finalisation of the creation of a collective work (see "Options") and highlighting of the important points and the common vision => 30 minutes

Debriefing with music (via the film's scrolling music): everyone identifies their best moment, the pluses and minuses of the seminar => 20 minutes

Capacity: For groups of 8 to 25 people maximum.


Prior to the day as a teaser / announcement of the event:

- Viewing of the film "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain". Either on the company's premises or to watch at home.

- Sending a "teasing" invitation to the participants and/or bringing this invitation in person to your premises or your various agencies (with disguise and possible staging by the host). To create curiosity and commitment.

- Possibility to create a points or rewards system around the theme.

- Blind Test / Karaoke evening with the hostess accompanied by a DJ

- Option "Garden Gnome - The photo report": Photos will be taken with a garden gnome as in the film for a final collective artistic creation. With words and images that promote cohesion and goodwill.

- Option "Collective work" at the end of the activity: Depending on the objectives that the company wishes to work on, we can, as an option, create a collective work at the end of the activity. For example: Glue the photos onto a piece of work with the company's keywords. Create a "before and after" fresco: Put the child's photo and the adult's photo. Have each person choose a value. Each person can stick their photo next to their value.

- Offer this seminar over two days: one afternoon, then one evening, then the morning of the next day.

- Offer this seminar over half a day + a Blind Test / Karaoke evening and viewing of the film.

Let's go, enter the magical and benevolent universe of Amélie Poulain version péi!

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