Visio-Challenge "El Professor": Online robbery Group activity


Online survey like "Casa de Papier" ! :-)

teams of 4 to 6 players.

Your mission

The world's most notorious group of bank robbers, whose leader calls himself "El Professor", is preparing for a major heist.

One of our informants, within the Professor's team, has just sent us the mission cards of the 5 robbers who are in charge of the operation.

Will you manage to stop them in time?

During this remote escape game, the participants will have to solve riddles, watch videos, carry out research, make calls, etc.

And above all, they will have to pool their different elements to determine the codes for opening the locks that will allow them to progress in the adventure and stop the robbers before it's too late!

At the end of the game: Podium - Announcement of the winning teams and the ranking - Presentation of the photos of each team.

A very collaborative activity where listening and communication are essential, as everyone needs the others to progress in the adventure!

A federative telework team building activity supervised by a professional facilitator: a personalised debriefing is carried out at the end of each session.

This activity is very easy to set up as all that is required for each participant is a computer and a good internet connection. The connection link to the videoconferencing platform is sent to all team members beforehand; no specific installation is required.

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