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Team Building activities - Seminars in Paris

What better way to strengthen the bonds between the members of your team than with an activity designed to bring them together and create shared memories? Discover all our ideas for Team Building activities in Paris, to experience strong and surprising moments during your next corporate event.

Team Building activity in Paris: surprise your team with an unusual live blind test

Music lovers are in for a treat! The musical Blind Test activity is a highly effective classic for corporate events. This new version of Blind Test is an event in Paris that takes place in the company of musicians who play live pieces selected by a challenge wheel. Expect some surprises. Scorpions bossa nova, The Police in reverse, Tino Rossi reggae... your challenge: guess the song and artist first. You're guaranteed to get a big laugh out of this thunderous Team Building session!

Questions pour un Lampion: a sustainable development version of the famous Quiz Show

Are you looking for a Team Building activity in Paris that will entertain your guests while raising their awareness of environmental issues? Discover Questions pour un Lampion, a challenge that recreates the atmosphere of a real TV quiz show and invites participants to test their knowledge by combining reflection and speed. How can you combine cohesion and meaning? You've finally got the solution!

An oenological Escape Game without travelling

Would you like your team to experience a mysterious wine-related adventure without leaving your company premises? L'énigme du vin comes to you for a 60-minute Escape Game that's completely tailored to your needs. it's up to your staff to solve one puzzle after another to recover the famous elixir of the comet...

A caricaturist to liven up your corporate evening

Take advantage of your corporate event to offer each participant a moment of laughter and an original souvenir. A talented caricaturist will come to you to immortalise the members of your team. This friendly event is available in paper and digital versions for a fully personalised service.

A Casino evening at the venue of your choice

A Team Building event in Paris that combines theatmosphere of a real Casino with the relaxed atmosphere of games where the financial risks are non-existent. Dice of Fortune, Black Jack, Poker, Roulette... all the games are freely available for an evening that everyone can enjoy at their own pace.

A personalised cocktail bar

A mobile cocktail bar, personalised drinks with surprising flavours made right before your guests' eyes, an evening hosted by a renowned barman, a barman show... Need we say more to convince you that an excellent evening awaits you?

A wandering magician / hypnotist

Sometimes, a surprising cocktail party is worth all the Team Building sessions in the world! Together over delicious cocktails and festive snacks, let yourself be amazed for an evening. On the programme, magic and hypnosis for a unique moment shared between your guests and a talented illusionist who will give them a show full of emotion. Bonus: for the more curious, you can learn a few magician's tips :)

A photo karaoke station: discover the Singerbox

Karaoke, photos and video captures, all in the form of a fun, feature-packed karaoke machine: here's a corporate evening entertainment in Paris that's sure to create indelible memories! The Singerbox, a brand new concept in 3-in-1 karaoke machines, will provide you with hilarious moments that are easy to capture on film. All while creating a crazy atmosphere at your party.

A pétanque tournament wherever you like

Traditional games make great Ice Breakers... especially when they're revisited to create an unusual and even more convivial experience. For your next Team Building event in Paris, organise a pétanque tournament at the venue of your choice. On a rooftop, on a boat, in a seminar room or restaurant, or even in your company's car park... any setting is suitable, thanks to mobile and adaptable equipment that allows you to set up a pétanque pitch on any type of ground or environment.

A nostalgic Back to the 90's quiz

90's Kids, get your buzzers ready: the questions in this quiz should hold no secrets for you! With a quiz on TV shows, a'Le Juste Prix'-style game on the cult films of the decade, and a blind test on the ads and serials that lulled us to sleep.the childhood of every member of the Game Boy generation, this adventure promises some great moments of complicity.


Where can I organise a Team Building event in Paris?

For your Team Building event in Paris, choose a seminar venue in Paris that everyone will remember, an inspiring space conducive to good times, or simply your own premises. Whereez offers unique events that you can attend as a team, as well as mobile options.

How do you choose the right Team Building event?

Consider your corporate objectives, but also your team! If you want to strengthen the bonds between colleagues, choose a Team Building activity that will give them a unique experience together, or surprise them by organising an activity based on what they already have in common. Above all, remember to identify the cultural levers of your company and your employees. Either to surprise them, or to reassure them :)

The choice is yours!