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Corporate activities in Lyon

Lyon is a dynamic, enthusiastic city with plenty to do. It's ideal for companies that want to bring their employees together. And strengthen team spirit! Sometimes confusing, sometimes exotic, but always fun and rewarding, corporate activities in Lyon come in a wide range of themes and formats. Discover our selection!

How do you choose your corporate activities in Lyon?

The best corporate activities in Lyon are those that meet both your needs and your desires (and those of your team). For an event or outing to really bring people together, you need to ensure that it is within everyone's reach, so that no-one is left out. For example, remember to take into account everyone's level of mobility and sensitivities.

As for the activities themselves, they must be in line with your vision of team building. Do you want your guests to experience the event more as a pleasant training session, or as a real whiff of fun that will naturally bring them closer together? There's no wrong answer!

Corporate activities in Lyon: the Whereez selection

Head for Beaujolais for an eco-responsible rally in a 2CV

Let's set off for three hours ofadventure and challenges in the Lyon countryside or the Beaujolais region in an adorable 2CV. In keeping with your CSR approach, this corporate activity in Lyon invites your team to face all sorts of challenges together. Surprises await you at every turn. get your roadbooks ready: these explorations are sure to get your brains racing!

Embark on a Nautical Treasure Hunt on the Saône

This corporate activity in Lyon is all about the unusual. In teams, you'll take part in a nautical treasure hunt on a boat during a regatta that's as fun as it is enigmatic. Your team will be given a roadbook, a map and a touch-sensitive tablet before taking the controls of their unlicensed motorboat. Your mission unfolds on the water: get ready for a series of surprises!

Take up the culinary Team Building challenge

Choose from 3 different cooking activities in a real workshop. Playful and immersive, these cookery classes are based around the themes of "Mystery Basket" (which will put your inventiveness to the test), "Team Cooking" (the ideal format for a team-building activity) and "Cooking".Team Cooking" (the ideal format for strengthening links between employees) and "Parcours Gourmand" (a hybrid experience of tasting workshops and cookery classes). so grab your aprons!

awaken your employees' artistic curiosity with the Drink & Paint Team Building event

Cocktails and paintbrushes: that's all it takes to organise an unforgettable team building event in a brand new art gallery. This corporate activity in Lyon invites your guests to explore their own artistic curiosity. From street art to contemporary art, this multi-sensory activity promises a unique experience. And to top it all off, everyone can take home their own masterpiece.

Defend your colours in a giant Intercities game

The famous "Intercities" game, but in a corporate version! This incredible activity takes place in and around Lyon, where two teams compete in an arena 40 m in diameter. Blind manoeuvres, quizzes and zany tests follow one another in this activity that can accommodate more than 300 people.

Relax in a Lyon games bar

3 challenge rooms, more than 250 games, and a host to accompany your whole team on this incredible discovery: it's the perfect way to spend an unforgettable moment as a team. If you've got a lot of guests, you can even take this huge 300 m² space private and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals. Good ingredients, local 100% organic beers and wines, cocktails made by a head mixologist... you'll have a great time between two games of giant pinball!

Lead the investigation: a Murder Party awaits you in the form of a giant Cluedo

This corporate activity in Lyon is hosted by a talented game master, who will plunge you into a mysterious, historical universe. You will have to investigate a murder in the Fourvière-Saint-Jean or Perrache districts and the new Confluence district. On the trail of the murderer, you'll pick up clues in the form of photo rallies, charades, building observation... your sense of deduction will be put to the test!


What are the best corporate activities in Lyon?

The best corporate activities in Lyon are those that bring your staff closer together and strengthen ties, while offering everyone a fun, enjoyable and rewarding time out. Sports challenges, immersive and fun games, unusual workshops... anything goes!

How do you choose truly unique corporate activities in Lyon?

Stay within reach of all your guests by choosing inclusive activities that focus on what your team members have in common rather than on their differences. Looking for inspiration? Our site is full of ideas!