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Seminars in Paris: the most beautiful venues

To organise the perfect corporate event, you need to find a venue that stands out from the crowd for your seminar in Paris. The capital offers a wealth of unusual venues for organising this type of event. Meeting rooms, games rooms, climbing rooms, castles, hotels, barges or even floating museums. There's no shortage of unusual places to hire for your business event. You can also take advantage of all-inclusive packages, with team-building activities, committed caterers and exciting entertainment, or the services of professional coaches, for example, to organise an unforgettable seminar!

What is a company seminar?

This practice has become very popular in recent years; in fact, the corporate seminar has become virtually unavoidable. A company seminar includes a number of activities organised outside the workplace to stimulate creativity and productivity, strengthen cohesion between employees or simply reward them. Some seminars bring together only the company's managers, while others are organised for all employees. The event can take many different forms, and is usually held in a pleasant setting where employees can communicate with each other.

Company seminars are also an excellent opportunity to acquire specific knowledge. They form part of corporate training strategies. This teaching technique focuses on particular themes that are developed by a specialist through interaction with seminar participants. The aim of these courses is to promote the continuous development of companies' human capital. They are designed for a group of professionals who share the same interest in the subjects to be developed.

What are the advantages of organising a corporate seminar in Paris?

The seminar benefits both the employer and the employee. During these events, managers and teams learn to communicate better and get to know each other better. Thanks to seminars (and in particular team-building activities), many companies have been able to strengthen cohesion within their teams, as well as improving solidarity by offering extra-occupational activities. These events also make it possible to pass on the company culture to employees and new arrivals. The environment is very important, because the friendlier the seminar venue, the easier it is to exchange ideas. The same applies to the activities on offer, which can be cultural, sporting or artistic, but should encourage discussion and relaxation.

The company seminar meets several objectives, which is an advantage for the company. A genuine human resources management tool, it is essential for the company's growth and helps to strengthen internal communication. Organising a company seminar will motivate your teams, boost employee productivity and reinforce the culture of belonging to the company, which can only have a positive effect on the year. The seminar can also be a fantastic tool for communicating and uniting around new projects and subjects that will shape your organisation.

What are the different types of corporate seminar?

various types of seminar can be organised in Paris, including :
- one-day seminars with room hire ;
- Residential seminars, which take place over several days;
- a company evening to celebrate a professional event;
- conferences, meetings and training days.

What are the different types of venue available in Paris for a seminar?

Discover all our rooms and unusual venues for organising your business event
in a variety of unusual venues such as :
- hotels ;
- meeting rooms or co-working spaces
- barges ;
- original restaurants ;
- party rooms ;
- games rooms ;
- climbing rooms ;
- lofts and private homes
- hidden bars;
- estates and châteaux.....etc

How do you select the perfect venue for a seminar in Paris?

First of all, define the format and objective of your seminar. Then set one or more dates when the seminar could take place. Next, quickly define the desired geographical area, taking into account the transport needs of the participants, and of course set a budget that should not be exceeded.

The venue for your seminar in Paris must be suited to the theme of your event. It must be able to accommodate all the participants with enough space to move around freely. You should also think about the equipment and the number of rooms you need to set up all the planned workshops. Finally, to avoid travelling as much as possible, it may be advisable to choose a venue where the activities can be organised, for example outside, or in adjoining buildings. Staying on site makes it much easier to organise your stay.

What type of accommodation should I choose?

As with business trips, accommodation is often a headache for travel agents. In the big cities, quality hotels are often too expensive and cannot meet the budget. But providing comfortable accommodation for employees on assignment or at a seminar is essential to the success of the trip. Alternative accommodation is an excellent idea. Short-term rentals, holiday homes in Paris, hotel flats: these are generally well located in the city or close to the seminar venues. What's more, these furnished flats for rent in Paris are fully equipped with wi-fi, printers and all the amenities needed to meet the needs of business travellers.

Why choose an original and unusual venue for your event?

Would you like to bring your employees together in an unusual location for your next seminar in Paris? Excellent choice! Unusual venues are becoming increasingly popular with professionals when organising a corporate event. An unusual workplace will help you to boost your employees' creativity and productivity while promoting their well-being. Today, there seems to be a great need to move away from traditional seminars, where the venues sometimes resemble boring, energy-hungry hospital wards. There are many advantages to holding your company seminars in unusual locations.

Bringing your employees together in an unusual location allows you to create a unique environment, conducive to exchanges and team spirit. In fact, it's the best way to break with normal work routines and impress your employees, customers or partners. Hiring an unusual location in Paris to hold your seminar is also an ideal opportunity to create a shared memory and offer original teambuilding activities, such as a trendy escape game, a molecular culinary workshop or an augmented reality workshop. The more unusual the local environment, the more participants will appreciate the activities on offer.

What different and innovative spaces can be hired for seminars in the heart of Paris?

To get your seminar off to a good start, there's nothing like taking participants to an unusual location in Paris to surprise them. Many venues are suitable for corporate parties. Tailor-made cocktails, dance evenings, sit-down dinners, team-building days, studious seminars, etc.

Taking advice from a professional will help you choose the most targeted proposals and save you a lot of time! Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be delighted to help you with your plans.

How much does a corporate seminar in Paris cost?

With Whereez, you can compare venue prices and request quotes online. You can find meeting rooms for hire in Paris to suit all budgets.

What facilities are available for a seminar in Paris?

In all the meeting rooms we have selected, you will find the equipment you need to work effectively with your teams. Projectors, projection screens, microphones, sound system, Internet connection and catering services - you'll have it all! And if any equipment is missing, we'll arrange for it to be delivered to your seminar venue.

How many people for a corporate seminar in Paris?

We can hire venues that can accommodate groups ranging from a few dozen people to several hundred or even thousands of participants for your business seminar in Paris.

How long does a corporate seminar last?

A corporate seminar can last half a day or a whole week, it's up to you to decide. In general, these professional events are held over 1 day.

What activities are available for a seminar in Paris?

Team-building activities are becoming increasingly common at company seminars. Every seminar venue in Paris is different, and can be customised in terms of table layout and equipment to suit the seminar activities.each seminar venue in Paris is different and can be customised in terms of table layout and equipment, depending on the Team Building activities you choose or the format of your plenary session (theatre, classroom, U-shape, informal, etc.). Discover our atypical spaces and choose from the best meeting rooms in Paris for your corporate event. Murder Party, Olympiads or Serious Game, you can also choose all the activities you want!

How can you make your seminar in Paris a success?

It's all a question of organisation and forethought. If you don't know where to start to make your seminar a great moment for your teams, these steps will lead you to success:

- have clear objectives
- choosing the participants
- define a budget
- choose the right date;
- find the ideal location;
- organise the activities;
- focus on communication.

Do you want to hire an exclusive venue for your seminar in Paris, and need a little help? Thanks to Whereez, you can take advantage of services dedicated to organising a corporate event. Our teams of professionals will be with you from the moment you book your venue right through to the day of your seminar. With us, you'll find unusual venues for private hire in the capital. Celebrate your best moments in Paris with Whereez!