Whereez , 05/06/2023

What is an eco-responsible seminar?

An eco-responsible seminar is an event that enables a company's employees to get together and share a convivial moment that fosters team cohesion, while limiting the seminar's impact on the environment. Unfortunately, there is no ideal solution for this, but there are a number of possible adjustments: choose a committed partner company from the local economic fabric that strives to respect nature and the environment as much as possible.

This approach makes it possible, implicitly or explicitly, to question the impact of our human activities on our environment.

Eco-responsible seminars are all the rage. And at Whereez, we're delighted to see it. Ecological responsibility has been close to our hearts from the outset, and preserving the environment is one of our core concerns, and one of the common threads running through the activities we offer.

Where can you go for an eco-responsible seminar?

To remain eco-responsible, and limit the carbon impact of your seminar, we obviously invite you, wherever possible, to stay close to your offices or company headquarters!

Especially as this is now entirely possible: there are a huge number of eco-responsible and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) operators in the major cities, such as Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux, where the companies in demand are concentrated. To guide you, read the following article 'What to do for an eco-responsible seminar', which offers a selection of different formats.

If you're keen to get out of the city centre, you'll find places in the inner suburbs whose charm will appeal to your staff. Like the Marquis de Terme, a seminar venue in the heart of a historic vineyard near Bordeaux. Or the Château de Terrides, an incredible 14th-century building in the Tarn-et-Garonne region.

And if you're looking for a stronger connection with nature, and therefore to get out of the cities, there are also eco-responsible actors to 'go green', while consuming locally. For example, Domaine de Gaston, for a green seminar in Normandy, just 1h15 from Paris. Or this former Cistercian monastery in the Verdon, which has been awarded the LPO label for its commitment to protecting birds.

And of course, to stay 'green', take the train and/or car-share! And this concern to limit our carbon footprint when travelling is also valid in the big cities: public transport, cycling, walking, or more innovative and fun, Goturtle!

Finally, not everything is detailed in this article, so if you have any specific requirements, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll listen to you and suggest the venue best suited to your needs and wishes.

What can you do for an eco-responsible seminar?

There's now a wide range of activities on offer, so you can choose the eco-responsible seminar that's right for you.

And selecting these activities and venues is exactly what we like at Whereez! Whether it's committed venues and caterers, frescoes to raise awareness of climate issues, serious games or experiences that make you think twice about your responsibility and commitment to the environment, we've got it all covered:

Eco-responsible venues

An excellent way of raising awareness of social and environmental responsibility issues is to bring your staff together in an eco-responsible seminar venue. These venues are run by people who set an example through their committed actions and positions. From simple meeting rooms, to plenary sessions, to attractive and relaxing outdoor settings, in the countryside or in the heart of the city, with or without an activity/workshop, it is now possible to organise a more eco-friendly seminar, tailored to your needs.

In Paris, for example, La Recyclerie makes its visitors aware of eco-responsible values on a daily basis, by reducing waste (or even practising zero waste), and systematically reusing and recycling whenever possible. In Lyon, find out more about this place that is very committed to quality of life in the workplace.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little detail (which isn't a detail at all!): offer responsible goodies and "handi-fabriqué" gourmet baskets (our latest find, our little "favourite" :) ).

When it comes to catering, get off the beaten track and offer a friendly, socially-responsible hamper with exceptional products, or offer a sustainable, zero-waste gourmet buffet (in Nantes).

Finally, to change the way you look at things, try this gastronomic journey to see refugees and their culinary talents in a new light. With this catering service for refugee chefs, you can travel without leaving Paris, and sample the wealth of flavours from the 4 corners of the world.

Frescoes to raise awareness of environmental and social issues

Frescoes are an excellent way of organising an eco-responsible event with your employees right on your company premises.

From the Climate Fresco to the Digital, Waste, Mobility and Textile Frescoes, these creative, collaborative games teach you a lot in a very short space of time about the causes and consequences of climate disruption, the effects of climate change and the need to protect the environment.they can also be used to educate and train your staff in the environmental and social issues surrounding digital technology, waste, personal mobility and the textile industry.

Games and serious games

In the same vein as the Fresques, serious games allow us to learn more about environmental and social issues. Because changing people's minds is first and foremost about education, and that means understanding the environmental impact of human activity on our planet and our eco-systems. Imagining and creating a model for a sustainable society means first of all raising our heads and becoming aware of the issues and challenges we face in limiting our carbon footprint. Team-building activities for your teams, a fun way of tackling delicate and difficult subjects

In terms of mobile escape games, we recommend Raising Awareness for the Disabled and Recycling.

On the quiz side, there's Question for a Lampion: Big Quiz on sustainable development, or the Quizz-theatre show on disability.

There are also treasure hunts, nomadic escape games and investigations, such as the Climate Solidarity Challenge, the Ecological Treasure Hunt on a boat in Levallois, the CO2 Cluedo and the Disability Awareness Game.

And that's not all, we've also selected the unusual Solidarity Trail Game, theGreenwashing Investigation, the Great Environmental Game, CSR team challenges with the Adventurers of the Planet, and Biotopia: CSR Adventure for Animal Species.

Crazier, further afield and even more engaging, the Cap Solidaire - The CSR Challenge "Regatta"!


Finally, what better way to raise your teams' awareness of environmental issues than to offer them an activity or workshop that allows them to get directly involved, or even to make more responsible objects.

For example, in the spirit of zero waste, you can work with your teams to create pallet furniture (benches, desks, bookcases, chairs, bottle holders, etc.), or recycle pallets to make furniture that is more environmentally friendly.or you can recycle your old clothes in an UpCycling workshop and repair, customise or personalise them with the help of a professional stylist.

Cooking remains an effective and exciting way of bringing people together and stimulating team spirit during a Team Building seminar, for example. In a zero waste spirit, take part in the Team Cooking anti-waste workshop; in a spirit of solidarity, get your teams to concoct dishes for you and your teams, but also and above all for the homeless in thesolidarity cooking workshop.

Urban beekeeping and discovering bees is another great way to get some fresh air, while realising that our actions have a direct impact on our insect partners who are working to maintain the natural balance. It's an opportunity for your teams to reflect on our relationship with the environment and how social groups function.

And that's not all! It's possible to build a wind turbine, produce a photo-novel linked to your company's CSR issues, or design a plant-based fresco on your premises! And it's an excellent way of thinking about our environmental impact while stimulating your teams.

The benefits of an eco-responsible seminar

Benefits for your company

The scientific community, the IPCC reports and the commitment of civil society have all played a part in this. The impact of our human activities on our environment is no longer in question. Awareness is growing, and it is now essential to think about and get involved in adapting our lifestyles to make them more respectful and sustainable. This reflection is being extended to companies, thanks to committed individuals who are not hesitating to take a stand, and this ranges from small gestures to the strongest actions. All levels of the company are involved, from entrepreneurs to workers and managers.

Whether it's a desire on the part of directors, or a drive on the part of managers, it is now possible to put in place actions that allow us to lift our heads and think about these adjustments to our daily lives, at a reasonable cost. Talking about respect for the environment with your staff, especially when it's a fun workshop or in an unusual location, has become a Team Building activity, which helps to bring people together, mobilise their energies and commit them to action around strong common objectives.

Above all, it has become a must for many employees who are choosing their employer and its values (as we have seen with the wave of resignations in the United States and Europe: some employees with skills prefer to leave their job if it lacks meaning).

Now, beyond career opportunities and professional development, relationships with colleagues and managers, autonomy and workload, well-being and satisfaction at work are important motivating factors for employees in companies. According to a 2019 IFOP survey (source: IFOP), "69% would be prepared to become involved in a company's CSR approach and 58% say that a company's policy is an important criterion when choosing to work there. Working people also emphasise the benefits of CSR for companies, with 63% believing that implementing a CSR approach makes them more competitive. In 2021, 63% of French people said they were more attentive to companies' commitments following the Covid-19 crisis (source: Les Echos).

Employees' sense of achievement and corporate culture are intimately linked. Employers can no longer ignore this, as more and more competent employees are choosing companies that are committed to environmental issues.

Benefits for your teams

As we saw above, preserving the environment is now at the heart of the concerns of a growing number of employees.

Organising an eco-responsible seminar will enable you to get your teams involved. As with all team-building activities, the aim is to lift our heads and take a step back from our daily tasks, to restore order and meaning to our actions.

An eco-responsible seminar is therefore an excellent way of involving your employees in their day-to-day work, and with their respective teams.

Eco-responsible seminar: feedback from our customers

CCR entrusted us with organising a day for 220 people on the theme of environmental responsibility: "All our staff were delighted to learn more about environmental issues thanks to a variety of games, fun experiences and activities. games, fun and interactive experiences, conferences and workshops, all in a privileged location, a veritable temple of eco-responsibility". Thank you Whereez"

The Batigère company asked us to organise a day for 55 people on the theme of eco-responsibility, and we offered them a venue and a committed caterer, as well as this CSR challenge for teams in : "Thank you to the Whereez team for their innovative proposals. We were able to enjoy a wonderful day in an absolutely superb location. We were able to see that we could enjoy high-quality, committed catering within a reasonable budget. The afternoon was also very instructive and dynamic, with challenges based on the 4 elements"

The ADN tourisme team took part in theresponsible cooking workshop, and here's what they had to say about it:

"The whole team was delighted with this very good time spent in good humour and conviviality. It was a great experience that we had the pleasure of living. And to top it all off, we shared an excellent meal together. The whole team joins me in warmly thanking you for your professionalism, creativity, adaptability and kindness. We'll be sure to repeat the experience on another occasion."

And here's another piece of feedback from a company following the creation of a plant fresco:

"The plant fresco has taken up residence in our workspace. Thank you for this convivial moment shared in harmony with Nature!"